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#Cameron Announces Plans to Remove British #Passports from Suspected #Terrorists

Prime Minister David Cameron has outlined further draconian “anti-terror” legislation.

Under the guise of cracking down on British “jihadists” fighting in Syria and elsewhere, the Conservative-led coalition government is to strip British citizens of their right to leave and return to the UK. 1,207 more words


Adam Perry: The Source of the Crown’s General Administrative Powers

The Crown has statutory and prerogative powers, and many people have said it has other powers as well. The Supreme Court clearly agreed for the first time in 2013. 1,200 more words

Judicial Review

Remembering the Whitlam Dismissal

Gough Whitlam died today at the age of 98. His death comes just a few weeks shy of the thirty-ninth anniversary of his dismissal at the hands of the Governor-General. 1,225 more words

Royal Prerogative

The Case for Ditching the Fixed-Term Parliaments Act 2011

The BBC’s Mark D’Arcy has predicted that the Fixed-Term Parliaments Act 2011 might be marked for repeal if a majority Government takes office in May. That would be a welcome turn of events, as I suspect that Act may turn out to be one of the Coalition’s worst legacies. 451 more words

British Parliament

Tom Hickman: ISIS, passports and Magna Carta: New national security powers raise complex issues

On 1 September the Prime Minister made a statement to Parliament in which he indicated that the Government was considering introducing the following new national security measures: 4,225 more words

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