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An aside on the Royal Society's life with Brian and Coxing science through the election

So the Royal Society has appointed Professor Brian Cox as its new Professor for Public Engagement in Science at the University of Manchester.

The physicist who is becoming increasingly eponymous with science on TV in the same way that the broadcaster and naturalist, David Attenbrough, has with wildlife programmes, or Janett Street-Porter became associated with youth programming in the eighties, is to be the figurehead for the Royal Society’s public engagement work. 387 more words

Public Engagement

Cox Given Dream Role As Science Posterboy

Professor Brian Cox kicked off his new role as the rock star posterboy for the British science community by criticising the low level of UK investment in this important field. 375 more words

Brian Cox

Individual Privacy in the era of Cloud Computing

Private information would be much more secure if individuals moved away from cloud-based storage towards peer-to-peer systems, where data is stored in a variety of ways and across a variety of sites, argues a University of Cambridge researcher. 736 more words

How the World Works by Christiane Dorion (review)

I first found out about Christiane when work hosted the Royal Society Young Peoples Book Prize last year. Her book How Animals Live was nominated for the prize and I ran a workshop with her on animal adaptation as part of the days events. 400 more words

The World Around Us

New Paper - Microplastics in the Deep-Sea

For those of you interested there is a new paper published by Lucy Woodall (NHM London) and co. on microplastics in the deep sea:

Woodall, L. 51 more words

New Research

Does Learning Maths Change How We Think?

Physicists have come to realize that mathematics, when used with sufficient care, is a proven pathway to truth.
– Brian Greene

As a maths graduate I’ve always thought that, although I’ve forgotten most of what I learnt, my studies gave me a really strong analytical mind, a well structured thought process, and better logical reasoning, which has stood me in good stead ever since. 544 more words


Preparing for the big day

REF probably means little or nothing to scientists around the world, unless they work in Britain. This is the final week, prior to the preliminary announcements of the… 540 more words