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Get your killer heels, sneakers, pumps or lace up your boots

Today was a super dull day… I couldn’t find hardly anything across the grid to do. I however am now I vampire (again)… Hold your applause please. 177 more words

The Oracle tree and Moon well.

Guldir was shocked at the revelation from his father,  he looked at his father eyes to see if he could see through and see truth in his words but unfortunately for Guldir the truth hurts, “Father so its true, I’m the one who has to gather amongst our men to protect these landa of ours?  1,429 more words


Nichtöffentliches Gemauschel

Der erste Teil der außerordentlichen Ratssitzung bestand eigentlich nur aus einer Begehung der möglichen Bauorte für die Latrinen in der Unterstadt. Die Herren Magistrate und der Admistrator ließen sich von Lucius Cornelius zu den Plätzen führen, wo aus billigstem Holz Platzhalter errichtet worden waren. 364 more words


The Destruction of K'aresh - Part 1

As of late, I’ve been having meetings with an arakkoan sage who possesses the ability to open time windows to allow me to view certain events in the past. 458 more words



It probably would have made more sense to fly from New York to Chicago and back again, but sense is not something I’m noted for. Besides, we own a RV, so its only right that we get some use out of it. 3,957 more words


Spriting Weaponry

This was my attempt to sprite a few things for my character in Eternia. First time I’ve done spriting since I dabbled in RPG Maker Ace. 8 more words