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Spectrum Entertainment, closed agency for all-star roleplayer with color and dormitory concept.

1. Closed agency

Dimana kita dituntut untuk berinteraksi dan have fun hanya dengan member satu agensi, yang otomatis bakal ninggiin rasa solidaritas kita as spectfams ;) 111 more words

„Wenn die Priesterkönige uns strafen wollen, erhören sie unsere Gebete“

„Wenn die Priesterkönige uns strafen wollen, erhören sie unsere Gebete“

Das Gebell der Glocken und das Geschrei der Hörner weckte mich um Mitternacht. Das erste was ich sah waren die Fackeln, welche sich wie das Hochwasser des Vosks langsam seinen Weg in die Stadt bahnte. 830 more words


La Compagnie (sans titre)

Alors que ma chère et tendre travaillait d’arrache-clavier lors des Happy Hacking Days, je me suis adonné à l’une de mes plus folles passions : le… 206 more words


Time to Take A Stand

Normally you wouldn’t find me here this late, but I had some paperwork to complete, and after our weapons match, the trainers and doctor types wanted to check that I was still healthy. 3,222 more words



During high school I thought my destiny was to be a psychologist. I took an AP Psych class that was filled with opportunities for introspection. We took a lot of fun self-analysis tests…One in particular focused on if we were type A or B personality. 621 more words

NEVER MORE - Exalted and The Seelie Court

The newest rounds of We <3 Role Play, The Countdown Room and The Seelie Court are open and in full swing. If you haven’t gotten to them yet, you still have time to grab some great items from dozens of creators. 316 more words