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Ongoing Project: The Game of RPG

Here is a little update detailing what I’m up to at the moment. I’ll add a separate page for ongoing projects, but I plan to update the blog whenever a project is finished or I pick up a new one! 271 more words

Game Development

On the next Manga & Comic Event i’ll be lecturing how to use RPG Maker and it’s tools to produce an simple RPG with all the important elements. 93 more words


RPG Maker VX Ace - Map and Character Creation

J has taken the lead on designing the game through RPG Maker (and he has done a great job!). I want to make sure that I can hold my own, though. 1,512 more words

RPG Maker

Complete Buildings Tileset for RPG Maker VX Ace

This tileset compiles all non-winter elements from the RPG Maker VX Ace standard RTP tilests used for buildings and also includes minor edits. It also includes several doors from the character sets to speed up mapbuilding (no events necessary for unusable doors) as well as different positions for doors & windows to break the grid and allow more diverse and natural looking maps. 35 more words


New video! Castle of Eternity - Opening (part 1)


I can upload more than 10 minutes, but while recording after the second cutscene, something went wrong and I just cut that part out. 


More info up!

Click this link and I will show you.

Additionally, after I’m done with the Story Planner, I’ll most likely add an optional download to it. This will contain major spoilers, however. 36 more words


Castle of Eternity - NEW PROJECT

Yeah… Engine turned out to be too limited for my Ignito game (so I’ll just write a novel about that instead).

I took a turn and started to remake one of my old games, and here is a little video showing of an infinite staircase system. Super Mario 64 anyone?