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Saga of Baritor Introduction

The Saga of Baritor series is the main category in the World of Baritor project.  These games are the larger projects that will utilize resources from the other games.  216 more words


Heroes of Baritor Introduction

The Heroes of Baritor series was born from an idea: What was character X doing before they joined the main quest?  What was Sir Galahad doing before his quest for the Holy Grail?  269 more words


Legends of Baritor Introduction

The idea for the Legends of Baritor series was born from an idea for a “What if?” type of a game.  Would a famous character or a historical figure do the same thing, make the same mistakes if given a chance to do something over.  194 more words


Ruins of Baritor Introduction

The Ruins of Baritor series includes a style of game reminiscent of text and point-and-click adventures where the emphasis is not on combat and gaining experience, but on exploration, puzzles and story.  494 more words



Welcome to the World of Baritor blog.  This blog will be used to manage updates and other information regarding RPG Maker VX Ace projects and anything else that falls under the World of Baritor umbrella.  431 more words


Eternal Conflict Screen Shot!

Here is an outside screen shot from the prologue, where could our brave companions be heading to?


A Shout Out to the RPG Maker Community


For making my life a living heaven. 437 more words