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Best places for info on Vehicles

Hello I am making a zombie game and I want to make a car vehicle sorta like the boat or airship ones.

My game is a zombie game that mimics the movie “shaun of the dead” 697 more words

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Eternal Conflict Screen Shot!

So part of adding events to my game involves first finalizing the maps with lighting & effects.  Here is a screen straight out of the opening scene of Eternal Conflict.


A Small Forest Path

Some more maps I’ve recently made for my new project. It’s a lovely forest path!

These are not only filled with peaceful animals and wild life, there will even be monsters! 165 more words


Enemy AI - Checks & Tables

What does it do?
Instead of using Attack Patterns in database which don’t allow for much customization. All enemy patterns will be written in module allowing more complex and varying interactions in the battle. 111 more words

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The Month of November!

So as the holidays approach you would think game progress would be slowing down, however for me holidays mean no 9-5 job so more free time to work on the job that does not pay me…making games!   135 more words


Multi-Layer Boss Health Bar

What does it do?
Boss can now have a multi-layer health bar. Meaning it won’t just go to empty, the layers will deplete 1 by 1 until the bar is completely empty. 30 more words

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Rare Enemies

What does it do?
Gives player a chance to encounter rare version of the enemy in battle.

Author: Mr. Trivel
Name: Rare Enemies
Created: 2014-10-29… 46 more words

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