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Eternal Conflict Farm Zone!

So while the team is working on implementing the combat system and fine tuning the script i continue to map! Here is a nice sized map i have been working on over the last few days.


Download package for all "Complete" RPG Maker VX Tileset Edits

This package consists of 8 Tilests for RPG Maker VX Ace to be used as B-D.

The goal was to rearrange the content from the standard RTP tilesets to have as many elements as possible without duplicates* to work with. 167 more words


Eternal Conflict HUGE town shot!

Hey guys i just figured i would share some progress on a town i have been making for Eternal Conflict so far i have been working over 20 hours on this map, i still need to do some quality control but i figured i would share!


Eternal Conflict Thieves Guild!

Behold the first major encounter from Eternal Conflict takes place right here in the thieves guild!


Complete DungeonTileset for RPG Maker VX Ace

This tileset compiles various elements from the RPG Maker VX Ace standard RTP tilesets which are especially useful for dungeon interiors. It’s the only one of my tileset edits that includes elements from other tilesets too, in this case from the “Plants” and “Buildings” tileset. 55 more words


Eternal Conflict Screen Shot!

What could have killed the workers in this mine?  This is the first floor of one of the many optional dungeons in Eternal Conflict.