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C:tL - Man of Clay - Part 2

She narrowed her eyes and stepped inside – and what she saw killed the question forming in her throat.

The room was circular – almost a Colosseum with concave, moss-covered walls at least 15 feet high. 1,788 more words

World Of Darkness

RPG and Fantasy Related Manga/Light Novel List

Here’s a convenient list of RPG-like manga and light novels. This post is a work in progress and will updated as I discover more titles. 237 more words


D&D - Lost Mine of Phandelver Interim: Character Development

We didn’t have a D&D session this week due to the Bank Holiday weekend and most of us being unavailable, but the gang is all set to break down the door of the Redbrands hideout this coming Monday! 391 more words


Krabbles in the ether mine in Xenoblade Chronicles

So I couldn’t quite go rushing into Colony 6 as I had assumed I could. Instead of being given that option, I was lead to the drainage system for the mines under Colony 6. 511 more words

Video Games

Pokemon X/Y Nuzlocke: Day 6 – Rocks Are Scary

After getting my Aerodactyl, Terror, I set out to train him on my way to the next gym. I quickly found an issue with my plan. 367 more words

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Darksiders PS3 Collection

Darksiders PS3 Collection is coming your way on September 7. Fans of the games will have much to look forward to as extra features are coming with the game. 157 more words


#RPGaDAY 27: Amaranthine

Why publish a new edition of an RPG? Cynically, I might say “to milk the fans of more money”, but let’s give everyone the benefit of the doubt. 1,762 more words