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{ Update #003 }

This Update I fixed up
the monster from Update
#002. And now he got his
own name. Gakele that
is his name.


Deadlands 6: El Chupacabra

And it only gets stupider from there.
But I’m getting ahead of myself.

We take turns on watch through the night. Joe makes us all very nervous. 970 more words



Blockbuster! is an RPG system meant to emulate the action and experience of a feature length movie. Fast-paced chases, corny dialogue and epic showdowns. I’ve been designing this game for the past two years, give or take and I’m a few small edits away from having the second prototype ready to go. 220 more words


My Nerd Heart is All Aflutter

Taking a break from controversy, my nerd heart is all aflutter over the new fantasy game releases this fall.

First, released on September 28, is… 98 more words


Persona 4 Golden: One of the best stories ever told

While the Shin-Megami Tensei series (Devil Summoner, Persona) has spun off to a variety of entries, there is always a swan song that stands out from the rest. 711 more words

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Persona Q Story & Characters

We have a new trailer for Persona Q altus new adventure for the 3ds. The character we are focusing Zen one of the new characters and Persona 3 Junpei. 44 more words


Morza i oceany, czyli Karnawał Blogowy #59


Nie przepadam w RPG-ach za morskimi przygodami, a już nie daj Boże, kampaniami.
Jasne, można pokazać bród, smród, szkorbut, cerowanie żagli oraz bosmana wyrzucającego… 702 more words