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Summer Market Watch

Fixed vs. ARM Made Easier

RPM recently added two jumbo ARM programs aimed at meeting the needs of our clients with higher loan amounts. Both our 5/5 ARM and 15/15 ARM strive to offer lower rates than their fixed rate counterparts while providing greater rate stability than a traditional ARM that adjusts annually after the initial fixed rate period. 483 more words


How to install .rpm packages in Ubuntu

First install packages that will convert rpm packages to Debian

</p><p>sudo apt-get install alien dpkg-dev debhelper build-essential</p><p>

Convert rpm packages to Debian

</p><p>sudo alien packagename.rpm</p><p> 27 more words

Mono 3.x for CentOS 6

Mono allows us to run Windows Applications in our Linux environment. It is an open source implementation of Microsoft’s .NET Framework. The problem is, CentOS (and Red Hat) 6.x ship with Mono v2.4 which is a little outdated. 2,798 more words


brutallychic.com #Armani Prive' Fall Couture 2014

It was Mr. Armani’s birthday and the master is still at full-speed. In fact, this brutallychic red dress from the #Armani Prive’ #Fall Couture 2014 pushes the #rpm to redline! armani.com


Is it Really Cheaper to Rent than Buy?

We all know that in the long run, owning a home is typically a sound investment. But, with home prices rising does it make sense to buy now? 536 more words


RPM Release Oversized Front Spindle Blocks

RPM have released Oversized Front Spindle Blocks for the ECX Boost, Circuit 2wd, Ruckus 2wd & Torment 2wd. The Oversized Front Spindle Blocks feature a larger bearing size of 5x11mm (not included). 122 more words

Radio Control

Linux RPM Installer

What is RPM

RPM (Red Hat Package Manager) is a tool used to help manage the programs installed on your machine and provide an interface to install more. 115 more words