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remove gui packages using yum

yum remove `rpm -qa | egrep -i "x11|gnome" | sort | uniq` -y

redhat rpm

To build a rpm (along with source rpm):

cd /usr/src/redhat
rpmbuild -ba SPECS/<file.spec>

To build a rpm only:

cd /usr/src/redhat
rpmbuild -bb SPECS/<file.spec>

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Remove McAfee from Linux

rpm -e McAfeeVSEForLinux-

rpm -e MFEcma-4.6.0-3122

rpm -e MFErt


My First (real) Race Report!

Welp, I did it, folks. I have officially completed my first half marathon without keeling over into the lake to join Champ for a lifetime in the murky depths of Lake Champlain. 824 more words


Brazilian Dream Pop

This tune from Silva’s sophomore album, Ocean Views, couldn’t come at a better time. Exactly halfway through the semester, I’m daydreaming of summer when I should be doing homework. 20 more words


Brogue: A Roguelike Game for CentOS 6

Brogue is a fantastic roguelike game for most operating systems (Linux, MacOS X, and Windows). It’s completely open source (license and cost free) and available for anyone who wants it. 994 more words