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3 Year Anniversary

Well, I let the date slip from under me until I just realized it last week. I wanted to get something nice for the car since she’s been with me for 3 years now…but instead I just tore her apart haha. 287 more words

Get out of here ABS & HICAS!

So finally I’ve got all the parts necessary for my HICAS and ABS delete. These parts include:

Non-HICAS complete S13 subframe
Energy Suspension subframe bushings & collars… 230 more words

Slow time

Slow time of the build, but I did get in some BRW Racing Wheel caps in and some Final Boss decals. Attended a local drift event as well, was pretty neat. 14 more words

Crunch time

Alright, well the first drift event of the year is coming up in just 3 days. I’ve cracked down on this car quite a bit to get the car ready, but unfortunately it won’t be ready to slide. 492 more words

Lips lips lips!

Well, the day has finally come. Wheelflip finished my lips for the front 17″ Type 03′s! They did an amazing job and fit perfect. 


I was too excited, so of course I had to do a test fit shot. 346 more words

Say goodbye to the visors!

Just a few small updates. I love OEM visors on all my projects, they usually add a nice subtle touch to any build, and serve a purpose if you drive a car in the rain and need some fresh air. 211 more words

Last OEM piece!

I finally scored an OEM Type X lip. It’s beat to all hell, but that will be fixed when the car goes in for paint. I’m just finally glad I can say this – my car has 100% OEM Type X aero! 66 more words