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Stopped by Vertex USA / Vertex RC USA / SpeedAlliance

And these are what I picked up:

Now I’m finally able to go lower, maxed out even… 34 more words


Last preps before installing the new suspension

  1.  s14 front lower coilover mounts, these were chopped and slotted for added adjustment.
  2. Just wanted to share again the shortened s14 knuckles with 45mm roll center correction.
  3. 31 more words


8am, Charles and I left SD to head up to El Monte to pick up the rest of my type x aero. Arriving at Forcewerkz, the aero looked pretty decent, but after matching up their front lip, with their type x bumper, it seems pretty off, and mounting tabs were no where to be seen… with that I was quite dissapointed… 57 more words



Today I wire brushed and sanded down some of the suspension components, finishing it off with some paint protection.



First off, Huge thanks to Martin for the parts! Since it’s coming off a s14, I have to do a little bit of modifying. I have to shorten the tension rods by 1-1.5 inches, swap the rod ends of the traction arms, and order a few parts to complete the conversion. 93 more words



With winter around the corner, I kind of set a fast pace for this!

Before I even bought the 13, I already bought a set of second hand Part Shop Max competition coilovers. 106 more words