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Blah days.

You know how some days you just feel.. blah? It’s really the best way to describe my day today. Just a blah day. Recently I’ve been trying to keep busy and push my walking a bit more, which has been going okay so far… just not today. 366 more words

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London road trip!

This weekend the boyfriend and I headed down to visit on of my very best friends who lives in London (Ontario, not the cool London :p). 558 more words

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A new year

The holidays have come and gone for another year. As you may remember if you read my last post, I spent most of it quite ill. 347 more words

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Merry Sickmas to me!

So Christmas has come and gone once again, and unfortunately this year I spent most of it pretty sick, hence my witty title ;)
The holidays have been a bit frustrating for me this year so far because of this.   316 more words

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The relationship MSer?

A while ago I wrote about trying to get into the (online) dating world as someone living with MS, which I actually did! And as I’ve since mentioned, I met a wonderful guy, who knows all about my MS and has been more than understanding about it all so far. 545 more words

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It’s nearly 10 years since I visited Australia, a 3 month trip that will stay with me forever. One particular day sticks in my memory. 467 more words



I know I’ve been writing a lot about trying to stay positive these days, and I really am. It’s just that sometimes having MS can be a real piss off. 97 more words

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