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While Manufacturers has traditionally fought to

While Manufacturers has traditionally fought to maintain third-party assistance, the situation on Wii U is especially serious.We discussed with Manufacturers of The united states mature home of  119 more words

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Killing Black Dragons For Gold In Runescape

Do you want to slay dragon and call yourself a “Dragon Slayer”? Well for runescape fans unlike any other monsters, Black Dragons are a powerful monster that does a lot of damage to you if you’re not prepared. 320 more words

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Catching Swamp Toads For Gold In Runescape

Toad’s legs can be use to make potions like Agility potions by Herblore skill and can be a good source for rs gold sell. The leg’s itself can be edible and restore player’s health points by 200 by eating them. 406 more words

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Collecting Limpwurt Roots In Runescape

The headless arrows are only made by using feathers with the arrow shafts. This is also used in Fletching to create arrows and gain XP. Low leveled players can use this opportunity to gain more… 370 more words

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Each new agreement is platform-exclusive

Each new agreement is platform-exclusive. On Console 360, you’ll perform through a doughnut shop slaughter (pictured). On PS3, you’ll run into a pyromaniac ice lotion supplier. 165 more words

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The High Level Solo Boss In Runescape

Finally a high level solo boss that is really interesting. But i feel it’s not aimed at high level players, it’s aimed at no-lifers who are pro RS players who have the time and… 358 more words


Dream Birthday revamps first Dream for Program

Dream Birthday revamps first Dream for Program 360Following an awfully obvious intro film trailer, Lionhead has declared that yes, it’s jazzing up the unique Dream for re-release on Program 360 this holidays. 132 more words

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