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Inventor needs to be fleshed out in runescape

Inventor needs to be fleshed out first, but I feel that we shouldn’t steer away from its original intentions: a skill that allows you to make truly unique weapons and armour, both statistically and visually, and to become famous among players by discovering new things before anyone else does. 287 more words

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Runescape Legacy mode

Personally i have voted for Legacy mode to come to RS but i think there should be two very big “IFs” to this poll and the Legacy mode as a whole. 337 more words

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Updates Mission F2P In Runescape

I’m glad you made this so I can post what I believe needs to be changed for Runescape to head in a more ‘civilised’ direction, so to speak. 346 more words

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The global launch of RuneScape 3 was through the hard work

The free playable online role-playing game is gone with the Battle of Lumbridge to the next round ,”The dynamic, influenced by the players events change not only the content but also the story,” explains publisher Jagex. 214 more words

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Make RS cash for Non-Member Accounts

Runescape is currently the foremost common role-playing game. a lot of and a lot of players square measure taking part during this game. However, the majority of the players got to begin from rock bottom level with non membership runescape accounts. 403 more words

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What about 90 Constitution vs. 99 In Runescape

There are Constitution requirements on armor, but is it Constitution doing the work in combat?

1) Within the next two months, damage will be reduced in PvP. 255 more words

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Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza In Runescape

For our annual spring event, you voted for a Sixth Age battle between Marimbo and Brassica Prime. It’s here – and RuneScape’s never seen a contest quite like this! 331 more words

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