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The mini-game needs a complete overhaul

The mini-game itself is fine and unique but it needs a COMPLETE overhaul. it needs to be re-balanced / graphically updated and rewards tweaks in my opinion. 203 more words

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Runescape elite void armor should have a scaling effect

I think that only elite void armor should have a scaling effect, similar to hybrid armor. A graphical improvement is welcomed as well as some tweaks listed below: 316 more words

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Runescape Pest control

Few of us are left who were in the founding fcs from the days when Pest control was released, over time its become more and more inactive and its become harder to even start games. 283 more words

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P2P Woodcutting 85-99 Guide In Runescape

At this level, i still recommend Teaks or Eucalyptus logs. If dropping teaks, using a Dragon axe, you should now be raking in 80k+ xp an hour easily. 201 more words

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Level 1-99 Woodcutting Guide In Runescape

Level 1-15

At this level, you are just starting out and dont have any other option, simply cut regular logs, and fletch them into arrow shafts. 327 more words

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Woodcutting is a respected skill in runescape

If you haven’t already decided, I’m going to try and persuade you to train it in this one paragraph telling only the truth. Woodcutting isn’t an easy skill to stick to, it takes a lot of patience, and isn’t a particularly good… 595 more words

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Clan wars are a major piece to a clans life in runescape

Clan wars are a major piece to a clans life. They can make or break your clan. I have seen several clans die because of losing a war. 319 more words

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