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Let the thievery begin

Well the last 10 days or so me and Qaz spent way too much time doing heist to get the rest of my bonus exp for thieving and to get him rank 1 in heist loot seasonal highscores for the crown. 812 more words


The Classic look of the BBS RS

BBS wheels have been going for believe it or not over 40 years and there most iconic design is the RS. The wheel that suits all cars from classic modern Jap or German the BBS RS will go with pretty much any car. 123 more words


I’ve been wanting to lab this feature up and thought this might be the break I’ve been looking for. Feature should be supported in IOS XE 3S (at least that’s what Feature Nav says) but it doesn’t appear that’s the case, at least not with the ISO version. 94 more words


Finding Community

(Note on lingo for non-Mormons: Young Women is name of the organization for girls age 12-17. The Laurels are the oldest class in this group, age 16-17. 881 more words


One nice chart, tracking Relative Strength. $SCOR

$SCOR can be a bit thin but averages over 100k/day so it passed through the filters. 

& $RBA which i’m long from Friday is following through today, stops to 23.5 from 23.