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Runescape Weapon Speed Rework

The thing i’ve been going for on weapon speed rework, is to:

1) Make weapon speed actually matter, as if jagex were to simply remove weapon speeds and gives all the weapons flat damage (for example say choatic rapier is 980 damage the chaotic maul would be exactly 1.5x that instead of having ther 1786 dmg it has now)….it would be exactly the same as the current system. 191 more words

Runescape Guide

A polite man

I realised recently, that I have some of my most rewarding epiphanic moments when I’m travelling by myself, not expecting to be struck by a sudden realisation, in fact perhaps when I’m not even thinking. 391 more words


...I feel pretty, 0 so pretty...

What is it about a dress that makes me feel so pretty. I love this dress by {RS}.  Brand new and it comes with a texture hud and yano how I love the huds. 143 more words

Fashion Wear

Dynamic Equilibrium | Age of Enlightenment feat. ScienZe (Official Video)


Post Crack Era on iTunes:

Directed by: Genmotion

Contact info:

Dynamic Equilibrium Social Media:

ScienZe Social Media… 17 more words

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Are You Having Right/Left Confusion When Knitting A Garment?

When providing knitters help with garment pattern instructions, there is often a misunderstanding of the terms and knitting abbreviations RS (right side) and WS (wrong side), right, left, with RS facing, and with WS facing. 245 more words

Animal House

I’m not looking forward to doing this. This is a 1999 Subaru Impreza 2.5 RS, which continues a long tradition of German and Japanese automakers naming their cars after fax machines. 666 more words