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Keeping Your Roof Clean

There is a great reason for you to clean your roof. Keeping your roof clean allows you to inspect your roof shingles more efficiently to make sure there are no potential leak problems developing. 38 more words

Oilfield Data Entrepreneur Joins Ranks Of China Billionaires

The chairman of a Chinese provider of seismic information services to the oilfield industry has become the latest billionaire from the country.

Zhou Jinming’s 57% stake in Sino Geophysical was worth $1.04 billion today, even after the Shenzhen-traded stock fell by 2.4% from its all-time closing high of 34.7 yuan..



Maintain Your Gutters

Homeowners should never forget to maintain their gutter systems. Make sure that your gutter and downspouts are moving water ‘away’ from your house. If your gutters are dented, crooked or have branches rubbing against them, you should quickly repair these issues. 55 more words

Chimney Leaks

Overtime, chimneys can start to leak. There are many reasons why your chimney could be leaking. In some instances, the flashing may have cracked, allowing water to seep through and cause water damage to your home. 56 more words

Skylight Dangers

Skylights are a beautiful touch to a dark space in your home. Having a skylight also means getting a regular roof inspection. Overtime, skylights’ flashing can deteriorate and cause a leak. 59 more words

Inspection Importance

Getting your roof inspected for leaks is a definite must. Frequent water coming into your home can cause some serious damage. Having water damage can lead to many other serious issues such as mold, mildew, and fire hazard. 49 more words

Roofing Dangers

Trying to find a leak as soon as it happens is something that could result in serious injury. Being on your roof while it's raining or covered with ice and snow isn't the best way to find a leak. 55 more words