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Thing 7

This task is about RSS feeds. I’ve used these a bit in the past – entirely for work related things – and I can see their advantages. 171 more words

10-26-2014 | Dream | Looking At Bing News RSS Feeds And Deadmau5 At A Celebrity Mental Health Facility?

I had several dreams last night but I forgot all of them except for part of the end of my last dream that took place during the day in a fictional city, the parts of the dream that I do not remember were probably long and detailed and strange, and maybe they involved some fighting/attacks; but I can not remember. 662 more words


Doubting Castle 4: advanced blogging

Multicultural communities

A Multicultural Australia

I was interest in the variety of programs available for the Multicultural community in Australia, hence upon my research I stumbled across a rss feed which clearly outlines the available programs and providing relevant links to the specific program. 351 more words


Vine Application

Although the RSS feeds have been established for a long time, I did not interest in using and consider it as one of effective research tools that until doing this course. 445 more words


Focus on RSS feeds & Things You Should and Should Not Do During SEO

Importance of RSS feeds

People always get attracted to features that make their lives easier. So, if your website provides certain attractive features that encourages people to stay connected with updates on your blog or website, then, they are bound to be impressed. 545 more words


News Feeds - Feedly.com

I have just signed up to Feedly.com to try and learn more about RSS feeds and to see what I have been missing out on.  I have noticed that orange RSS button on lots of sites before but never really investigated it further. 75 more words

23 Things RSS Feeds

So I find myself back where I often am once I start engaging with ways to ‘organize’ things. My life is so ‘busy’ already that I find it overwhelming to think about putting more organisation into it (I know that sounds a bit back-to-front). 547 more words