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Separation Anxiety? Burger King to Merge with Tim Hortons

It’s a common anxiety disorder observed in dogs when house owners leave for extended periods. It stems from an extreme form of insecurity where the dog feels abandoned and betrayed, and it lashes out to vent its frustration. 141 more words

Twitter Favourites, brands watch out!

For the past few years I have been telling brands that they must acknowledge any digital mention in social channels they’re active in.

With Twitter’s most recent change brands need to rethink this strategy and execution slightly. 169 more words


If I Died Imagination:Dark

After hearing the sad death of Robin Williams I wrote this poem. He was a man that made millions of people smile when sometimes he didn’t feel like it himself. 26 more words

Imagination Dark

New Platinum, LX minivans

For 2015, Chrysler will add new minivans to both the top and the bottom of the price charts.

A new Limited Platinum actually lowers the top starting price of Chrysler minivans to $40,990, including destination. 101 more words

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RT - Stocks in Russian food companies soar amid Western food ban


Published time: August 08, 2014

Shares in some of Russian food producers have added almost 40 percent by midday on Friday. The surge comes a day after Moscow imposed a one-year ban on imports of food products from the West. 192 more words

Radiation Biology: Improving Career and Skills Focus for Students in Radiation Biology

Title: Improving Career and Skills Focus for Students in Radiation Biology
Authors: Cooper, Scott; Galbraith, Anne; Sanderfoot, Anton, Biology;
Staffaroni, Aileen, Nuclear Medicine Technology; Melissa Weege,  95 more words

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