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Ukraine and the Media - is anyone impartial anymore?

The whole Media reporting of the goings on in Ukraine is becoming as weird and self serving as the various factions conduct in the whole dispute. 390 more words

Current Affairs

Eurasian Economic Union - Aleksandr Lukashenko

“His reputation precedes him: The long-time Belarusian leader Aleksandr Lukashenko has been often referred to in the Western media as ‘Europe’s last dictator’. But he insists he doesn’t have the means to be one as RT sits down with the President.”

Microsoft Surface 2

There are going to be three reactions to this header:

1. Are you fucking nuts? The iPad/Samsung/Nexus/whatever-Android-tab-you-desire is a waaaayyy better tablet than the Micro$oft’s (hur hur) shitty piece of shit. 5,915 more words



Nike and Ricardo Tisci have come together to kick off these outrageous sneakers! It is almost impossible to get your manicured little hands on a pair of these air force 1 but you can always try! 47 more words


Quick Notes

Just things to remember with these creative habits that I’m indulging in.

  • Doodles a Day
  • Subject; Humans (currently working on expressions. also helps with learning more face structures)
  • 65 more words