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Swedish Politicians take part in Starcraft 2 tournament

A group of politicians in Sweden took part on a StarCraft 2 tournament this past weekend to “raise awareness about eSports in politics, and politics among gamers,”  125 more words


My Life as a Rape Joke

The rape joke is that
It happened the first time when i was five
and my mother said “never let this happen again!”

The rape joke is that… 633 more words

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Huh, seems I am not the only one who was blamed by a psychiatrist for being raped. Apparently, telling rape victims it was their fault because their 'personality disorder' made them get raped is good practice now. Psychiatrists should be ashamed that BPD is even a diagnosis. It's revolting. What we all suffer is RTS/PTSD, or I was never with my ex boyfriend for six years of hell. Time to get rid of the misogynistic, archaic and untrue BPD label.

Starbucks give away Squids for FREE

If you own an iOS device but you don’t ever go to Starbucks, then now is a good time to listen up.

Every week, the coffee company the media love to hate (tax avoidance reasons, mostly) give away loads of apps, games, songs, TV shows and books via the iTunes store and Appstore on your iOS device. 446 more words


Reversing Somfy RTS

Some time ago we got new motorized blinds at my office which are controlled by a small wireless remote control. This made me curious how these remotes actually work, and if I would be able to control the blinds from a PC. 1,191 more words

433 Mhz

Age of Empires coming to mobile this summer as World Domination

The latest Age of Empires release is a free-to-play mobile strategy game called World Domination that is slated to hit iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices this summer. 137 more words