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Company of Heroes: Blitzkrieg Mod

Company of Heroes: Blitzkrieg Mod (Blitz) is a drastic overhaul for Relics master real time strategy game Company of Heroes. It makes the almost casual, arcadey experience of the vanilla version of Company of Heroes into something gritty, brutal, intense and my god so so so fun. 819 more words


Random thoughts on resource management in RTS

Strategy games, especially those in the Real Time Strategy genre, tend to follow a common formula. In each match, the players start with limited resources: typically, a single “command center” structure and a handful of scouting or economy-focused units, depending on the systems the game uses for resource gathering. 2,732 more words


Brutal Legend Review

Metal is a brutal, loud, and heavy genre of music. When the bands came to the stage, audiences were having their faces melted. Brutal Legend is a love letter to the old days of metal, and if you’re a metal head like me, you’ll be enjoying this game quite a bit. 712 more words


My Alternate Factions (Age Of Empires III -Game Notes)

The Americans: They are hard to use for games that go over 30 minutes. They don’t have plantations, so once the map coin is gone, you need both factories and the trading posts on coin or your economy will dry up. 823 more words

Mental Illness

Anime & Game Review - Valkyria Chronicles I

Genre : Action, Drama, Comedy, Romance, Military, RPG

Both as a game and as an anime, Valkyria Chronicles I (in total, there are 3 sequels in the series, I, II, and III) is terrific. 386 more words


Medium Term Outlook For The Russian Stock Market

By Maxim Achkasov

Russian RTS Index broke a key support level of 1000 on Nov 7, 2014 and  moved lower trading on Dec 5  at 918 level as I type. 697 more words

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