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An Expat Guide: 5 Tips to Finding an Apartment in Taiwan

Seeing as we are moving next week to a new apartment (hello ginormous kitchen, yoga room, and modern bathroom! Yay!), and due to the fact that our previous landlords are mean, mean, no good, people, I was inspired to write this post to help any newbies to Taiwan in need of an apartment. 867 more words


I Wear Your Granddad's (Travel) Clothes... I Look Incredible!

As we’ve been planning for our trip, we have had to think about what clothes we want to bring that can stand up to a year of travel. 392 more words

RTW Planning

Puerto Rico

PR is a small island in the Caribbean. Despite its distance from the mainland it is a US territory, making it an easy tropical paradise to get to and no US customs required. 286 more words


The Start of the Journey: Madrid, Spain!

So I have survived my first few days of solo travel in Europe! Right now I am in Barcelona, and since I have some downtime, I wanted to record a few things from the past few days before I forget. 1,266 more words


When I become president of the world, I will establish a RTW Visa

SAO PAULO – Visas are a complicated puzzle that made us narrow down our options and change our plans a couple of times. Each country stipulates different rules based on the passport citizenship. 415 more words

Getting Ready

[Israel] Masada - Mar Muerto & Tel Arad

Cambiamos de país y llegamos a Israel! Establecemos nuestro campamento base en Jerusalén, en casa de Leah (la mami de Juny), un lujazo no estar en albergues durante más de tres semanas,  rodeados de la familia y comiendo bien sano y rico con los guisos de mamá ;) 1,092 more words

Day 48: Krakow (Auschwitz)

Todays post won’t be much writing… There’s not many words that can be written that would be able to describe what walking through Auschwitz and Birkenau was like. 443 more words