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The Potter, Vessel, and The Wine

I came upon a painting by well known artist Bernard Hall, however it was not the image that struck┬áme but the accompanying explanation. In it, it explained that Hall had been influenced by an 11th C AD Persian man… 171 more words

Personal Favorites 6: The Rubaiyat!

I have discovered that Asian and Middle Eastern forms work much better in their original languages. However, making attempts in the less beautiful English to write them well is a good exercise. 231 more words


the monsignor's two poems



I heard a voice

- once departed, reviving.

That yellow hand, here

with me.

Thou seed.



My worldly hope;

a battered caravanserai, 93 more words

last pearl of the Rubaiyat

i sent my soul through invisible
spaces that became invisibly near
the One, some letters of the after-life
Heav’n by and by left me pure… 280 more words


chapter 4: poem to a dead mother

continued from chapter 3

They sat, none of them had been able to provide an answer.

Delongue picked up a copy of the rubiayat and held it up. 324 more words

The Illustrated Omar Khayyam- Rose and the Cup

I have just finished the new version of the Illustrated Omar Khayyam. It shall carry 50 illustrations,water colour done on 300 gm cold pressed paper. The book shall also carry a foreword by an authority on Omar Khayyam and he is also a scholar and head of the Islamic Studies in one of the most prestigious universities in the US. 39 more words

Benny Thomas

chapter 1: the drop

… continued from the beginning

They used a bookshop in Kensington, the poetry shelves, and when the message was completed he took it there, and placed it with the other rubaiyats, but his was smaller, pocket sized, and it slid amongst them to be almost unnoticed. 77 more words