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Dinner for Two, Part 2, Recitation

Enjoy the second part of the recitation. Remember, just click on the Dinner For Two page to download the full poem.


Analysis of Quatrain #38 The Illustrated Omar Khayyam

I repent the dream I lost in Time’s womb;

Perchance Life hides from me a dream to plumb:

Not satiated with the dream to come… 252 more words

Benny Thomas

The Illustrated Omar Khayyam- quatrain #33

Oh Love, with your soft glances make heaven

Of this earth: I see the wind as haven

For birds of the air: you by my side hold… 17 more words


Dinner for Two, Part 1, Recitation

Enjoy the recitation! You can download the pdf, epub or mobi from my site! NomadSage.org.


Quatrain: Feast of Life

 asked me to your feast

but punish me if
 i enjoy myself

what tyranny is this?-Rumi

You say ‘Touch not, Taste not, it must be so.’ … 34 more words

Benny Thomas

Rubaiyat: Love the Ever Present

why be a worshiper of the dead
/think of me as present 
/come and make up now-Rumi

The world would rather make up with the dead… 57 more words

Benny Thomas


I have decided another category should be added to my home life blog as it actually forms quite a special part of home that I share with my husband. 338 more words

South Africa