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TBC Crafters 59 - Box Guitar

Again, I would like to put my son’s craft under the spotlight this week. I am so surprised that he made it almost all by himself, I only help to make the cuts on the box for him as it involved using a cutter which I do not approve him to do yet. 225 more words


RB use #2

Deadly finger pistol ammunition.


RB use #1

To hold your headphone or charger cord in that sweet spot so it works right after the cord starts to get old.


I'm just a child at heart!

Last Christmas I bought my granddaughter a Rainbow Loom and some extra bands to go with it. (Well just the name was obviously attractive!)

I’m assuming here that everyone knows what I am talking about – It’s a way of making bracelets from small elastic bands. 674 more words


Where Can You Buy Official Rainbow Loom 2.0 Starter Kit Set with Metal Hook Tool?

The official Rainbow Loom was invented in 2011 by the talented toy and jewelry maker Cheong Choon Ng in Michigan in the United States. How popular is the simple but intelligently made plastic loom that uses colorful rubber bands to create bracelets, charms and jewelry? More than 1.2 million

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The Amazing World of Creation with a Loom Band

Fashion these days is never stable. It always keeps changing! From jewelry to clothes and shoes new styles and trends are being invented every single day. 507 more words

Wholesale Charms

Do I Really Have to Wear My Rubber Bands?

In a word, Yes. Our doctors would not have made rubber bands part of your orthodontic treatment if they didn’t determine them to be necessary. 325 more words