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A Girl Named Elastika

This has been featured on a few blogs already (packing up and moving house took up most of my time last week), but it is far too creative and brilliant not to share on here. 100 more words


To Dye For Easter Eggs

by Joy Hirdes
Contributing writer

It’s time to plan that annual family tradition of dyeing Easter Eggs!

It’s a mess but it’s always so much fun! 198 more words

Get Your Hands On A Rainbow Loom!

According to some sources I have spoken to, the Rainbow Loom  seems to be the trendiest thing for school-going girls and boys at the moment. To the point that it was out of stock in retail stores. 233 more words

Kids' Toys Or Products

Kids banned from learning lessons at school

Apparently, kids these days are spending their playground time making bracelets out of multicoloured rubber bands and then trading them with each other. And that’s kids of both genders — boys and girls. 471 more words

drying off flies with a rubber band

funny how this old trick is old-hat in some parts of the world and unheard of in others. this great tip’s for the latter.
simple and inexpensive as can be, all you need is a rubber band or two to dry off a water soaked dry fly in just a few seconds and that’s it, no paper towels, drying patch or dumb chemicals. 217 more words

Fly Fishing

Starburst Rubber Band Bracelets

I had a Branch Honors Recital for piano yesterday which I didn’t do the best at. After that, I went to my friend’s house because her brother also played at the recital. 76 more words

Rubber Bands

What do you do with all the rubber bands you collect in a day? Maybe you have never thought about rubber bands before? In an attempt to cut back on what I put into landfill, with each day I become more aware of all the very minute details which contribute to the ‘stuff’ I throw away. 359 more words

You As A Cook