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Got a New Toy!

Mom gave me a Sunshine Loom for Christmas! These are the bracelets made with the directions that came with the kit. They are called the Single Band, the Double Band, the Triple Band, and the X Band. 17 more words


The Pencil Holder

There are a lot of cans out there. There are even more that have been thrown out. Make a pencil holder today and save a can from such a tragic fate. 90 more words


The Popsicle Frame

Popsicle stick frames are all the rage these days.

Just use broken rubber bands to tie the sticks together into the desired shape and size. You may need to attach popsicle sticks along the back of the frame to hold it together.


The House

Just grab some popsicle sticks and follow these instructions.

Check out this link or follow the steps below.

1) Put two popsicle sticks side by side. 145 more words


The Bow

The perfect tool for shooting your invisible enemies: self doubt, fear, and procrastination.

1) Go outside and find a tree branch. It shouldn’t be too flexible (willow tree branches don’t work well). 228 more words


The Jump Rope

Not exactly practical, but you’ve got to do something with your left over rubbery friends.

The one and only step: Take all the rubber bands you can find and tie them together. 7 more words