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To Manufacture Hope

The world continues to show it will always have more trouble to throw at me. About two weeks ago, my computer issues accumulated into a hardware and/or software issue I don’t understand in the slightest. 798 more words


The Pepsi Taste Test ... Locals Say they Preferred Coke!

The more glamorous side to the Caribbean, it seems that the locals took the Pepsi taste test and preferred Coke!  Photo taken on the side of a road whilst driving in the Dominican Republic.


Day 6

After what I can only describe as one of the best days I’ve had in recent memory, with me and my wife rekindling our relationship a bit and having a really good day, I relapsed and had a drink. 16 more words



it’s finally the long weekend i’ve been waiting for. i promise to only roll around and do nice things for the next three & a half days. 111 more words

Picture Log


Zug is very proud to be an environment friendly city. Zug citizens so too. So how does it work ? First you have to use specific bags for the rubbish that you purchase at Coop or Migros shops. 262 more words


196. Cleaning up after others

I never could understand why anyone would pick up someone else’s rubbish: it’s dirty, unhygienic and well generally disgusting. But the abandoned napkins/wet wipes someone had left on the grass were really spoiling the look of the park where I enjoyed a picnic on Thursday, so I picked them up and walked until I found a bin to dispose of them in.

Making Life Better!