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Virginia Apgar

When infants first arrive into the world, they are rated on the Apgar score to test their health and identify problems quickly. The inventor of this scoring system was Virginia Apgar, an obstetrical anesthesiologist who worked in the fields of teratology (the study of birth defects) and neonatology. 309 more words


Do some L.A. schools have vaccination rates as low as South Sudan?

TORONTO – Some Los Angeles schools have incredibly low vaccination rates, on par with immunization rates in some parts of Africa, according to a U.S. report. 757 more words


This is my life.

Mother of fuck.

I’ve caught what I think is Rubella. I would love to know what it is for sure but I’m fucking unemployed as a stay at home mother and my husband was recently laid the fuck off. 68 more words

Problems with Deisher's study— Part I: The numbers

If someone were to ask me to critically appraise the scientific merits of a study arguing that birth control usage caused earthquakes by changing the mating behaviors of fish, I might have had an easier time than I did with Dr. 2,603 more words

You Can Be the Pro-Life Parent of a Fully Vaccinated Child

Most parents vaccinate their children, and most do so because they trust their doctors and because it seems like a reasonable course of action. After all, no one enjoys having a sick child, and very few parents want to see the return on polio and measles. 1,178 more words


CDC Numbers Show Chicago Students Behind Peers In Vaccinations

(CBS) — Chicago school students return to classes Tuesday and one new analysis shows they may already be falling behind their peers in an important area. 298 more words