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Philadelphia Phillies Rumors: Ruben Amaro, Ryne Sandberg Are Safe

The Philadelphia Phillies have a plethora of mega contracts on its team due to the bets GM Ruben Amaro made in his tenure as the team’s general manager. 104 more words

Philadelphia Phillies

Phillies dodged a bullet on BJ Upton

I read this interesting comment on the Braves MLB site:

To think we could have had Ben Revere or Denard Span for less money than B.J.

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What can the Phillies learn from King Pyrrhus of Epirus?

I’m developing matching calluses on my palm and forehead. This is Ruben Amaro’s fault. Every time the man speaks these days I face an uncontrollable instinct to bury my face in my hand with increasing haste, as if this could somehow shield me from his wanton disregard for reason. 797 more words


We -- we -- Need New Ownership of the Phillies

“Ruben is not on the hot seat,” Montgomery explained during a back-and-forth with season ticket holders. “I think we have somebody whose experience working under two general managers served him well and positioned him to be very effective at his job.

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Could the Cubs be serious about Cole Hamels?

(Photo Credit—H. Rumph Jr./AP)

The Cubs making a claim for Cole Hamels could mean several different things. Often, when a team puts a claim on a player in August, it’s with the sole intent of stopping a division rival. 468 more words


#TDGX Trade Deadline Strategy: Standing Pat

The trade deadline is quite frankly the main reason I enjoy playing fantasy baseball. I love trading. Who doesn’t love trading? Bring me to them, I’ll make ‘em an offer they can’t refuse. 1,102 more words


Ruben Amaro is back! Well kind of...

Players to be named later, or cash! Chants of “Ruben! Ruben!” are filling Citizens Bank Park 84 more words