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Rubicon reopens, again.

El Dorado County has done its measurements on the trail and has declared that the Rubicon is open, again.

The County has very ridged rules it must follow regarding the Rubicon.  43 more words


Still lots of snow on the trail

I drove up the Rubicon yesterday.  Okay, let me confess, your rig works better with both hubs locked.  I drove up quite a ways before realizing I never locked my left hub.  290 more words


Meditations on Success

     What most people do not understand about Descartes is that his Meditations on First Philosophy were written with the intention of mocking modern skeptics at the time. 263 more words

I arrived in Berlin and have never felt so much I just didn’t want to be here

I arrived in Berlin and have never felt so much I just didn’t want to be here. All I can feel is my despair and shame over Viktoriya. 134 more words

Rubicon 2nd Annual Agency Trading Desk / Adweek questionaire

The latest Adweek Europe – Rubicon 2nd Annual Trading Desk panel was preceded by a questionaire covering growth, strategy and the odd personal question! The panel showed again that there is no slowing in the programmatic business although everyone is approaching it slightly differently. 1,624 more words

Taken Recommendation

One of my professor recommended me to watch a series, that I have never heard of before. It’s called ‘Rubicon’, and even though I watched it a few months ago it stayed with me. 237 more words