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During the course of the unit you will hand in 4 separate pieces of work for assessment. 274 more words


The Bechedel Test: What is it Good For?

The Bechedel test seems to fail in just about every aspect imaginable from its utility to it efficacy and even the real impact it has had on online discussion of media. 920 more words

Ultimate Selfie

Ms. Valsing’s rubric outlines a self-portrait assignment involving research and drawing as a process of idea development.

(dis) - harmonized

Through objective, design, studio skills, and presentation Ms. Appel’s rubric assigns criteria for the creation of an artwork that harmonizes what is “incompatible or incongruous” to send a unified message.


For her assignment, “Visitation,” Ms. Perkowski reflects the process of development through requirement, idea, knowledge of material and application, form and content, and expressive qualities.

Criteria for Creating

For this week’s visual response, members of the art research group have turned their sights toward assessment as we have all been tasked to create an assessment tool that would be applied to a personal art work. 16 more words