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capping my thoughts

In history I learned about civil liberties. All in all, I pulled from it that when we feel threatened as a nation, people think it’s okay to give up some of our rights for “safety”. 325 more words

Humorous and Serious Pledges Rubric

Name:                                                                     Period:                 Date:                                    



Serious and Humorous Pledge Rubric


Writing Process (5 points)

• Working drafts & 2 different final typed drafts of pledges (5)_____          


Final Draft Content (50 points) 55 more words

Monday, December 15, 2014

Today in the PC lab, we will continue to draft our two pledges: humorous and serious ones. 

Our project: Write 2 autobiographical pledges… 591 more words

Monday, December 15, 2014

1) Drafting 2 Queneau variations in 5th floor Lab. 

2) Rubric, all rough drafts, typed final drafts, Self-reflections due at the end of class on Tuesday, December 16, 2014.  12 more words

Rubric for the Queneau Variations

 Two Queneau Variations Rubric


Writing Process (10) 

         * Min. 3 working drafts; Self-Reflection (10)          


Final Draft (50 points)


  • main ideas & type/style of writing (10)          
  • 50 more words

Reflection of my teaching week 12

This week I have been thinking about rubrics and how best to both create them and for students to interact with them.

Creating a rubric first when planning a scheme of learning or project can help me think about the outcomes.   356 more words


[world] Presentation Rubric for Visualizing History

Please review the guidelines below to ensure the presentation of your Visualizing History project is a resounding success. Refer to the posted schedule, also, to ensure your preparedness on the correct day. 170 more words

World Lit