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Assessment Ideas for the Music Classroom

By now, most music teachers are familiar with and using some form of assessment in their classrooms. Directors of performing ensembles give periodic playing or singings tests and quizzes, and may also administer written tasks to assess knowledge of music reading and analysis. 644 more words

Music Education


For this unit of study (American Revolution) you will be working on a couple of projects.

In the next class you will be given half the period to work on your timeline project.   60 more words


Rubrics: We Can Do It! (Version 2014)

We’ll spend some time today practicing writing rubrics. We’ll use a Google Doc I’ve opened for us. I will close it immediately after class and link your finished work back to this page/post. 20 more words


EDU 6160 Blog Discussion 3 - Rubric Evaluation

The Physical Education Department that I am interning with utilizes a rubric to evaluate and score each student’s daily participation level, understanding and demonstration of concepts, and the student’s general adherence to class policies like dress code and behavior. 532 more words


Rubric All the Things!

Every assignment or activity you assign your students should have a DIRECT AND CLEAR link to an expectation listed in the course curriculum. You may be assessing a student’s ability to meet an overall or specific expectation under each strand. 729 more words

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