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Rails Security - Hiding sensitive Information

There is a time when we often run into a situation where we have keep some secret keys or credentials like payment gateway api key’s or any such secret keys for that matter, we often would go for hard coding and placing them in conf files, but problem is that when we push this to a remote repository all the credentials will be publicly seen by others, there may be times when want to to keep some info which is very private to us or the app. 374 more words

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Looking for Ruby on Rails Freelancers? Pros & Cons…

Ruby on Rails has gained outstanding reputation as one of the fastest programming languages known today. Ruby on Rails freelancers use Ruby, with all of its frameworks and libraries for a web development career because of its focus on clean code, object-oriented syntax, efficient development practices and strong community. 382 more words

PHP Vs RoR- A Comparitive Study

PHP was built primarily as a server-side scripting language for web development and dynamic content and, it has been around since 1994.

PHP code was originally embedded within the HTML code so that the content could change according to the needs of the coder. 431 more words

Ruby on Rails 3.1 and Sprockets – A closer Look

Ruby on Rails 3.1 uses a new technology called Sprockets to speed JavaScript execution. Sprockets compiles all the features that a Web application uses into a single file, that simplifies work for the developer and quickens the response time of the application. 259 more words

Downgard rubygem version to start ruby application

Hello Guys,
When i start my rails 2.3.11 application using rubygem version 2.2.02 then it fails. So i’ve downgrade it.

=> Rails 2.3.11 application starting on… 214 more words

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Failing debugger-linecache (1.1.2) installation

Hello Guys,
Today i’m installing debugger-linecache (1.1.2) and it giving me some error like below.

gem install debugger-linecache -v ‘1.1.2’
Building native extensions. This could take a while… 129 more words

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Chat implementation in iOS and Android - No PHP !!

Hello All,

Install openfire in the server and for testing you can install in you system

give HOST NAME ,  PORT,  SERVICE and rest of the thing handle by ios and android developer. 10 more words