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Ruby In Rails !

As we know that Rails is a framework written in Ruby language, so it is normally asked by many beginners, like me :),  that how much Ruby we should know before getting into Rails world. 956 more words

How to generate a controller and view for an existing model?

I learnt something new today when using Ruby on Rails, if you have a pre-existing model let’s say a Person model with name:string and phone_number:string and you suddenly decide that you want to generate a controller and view for the model. 110 more words

Ruby On Rails

Marshaling Objects

Ruby can take an object and convert it into a stream of bytes that can be
stored outside the application. This process is called marshaling. 37 more words

Ruby On Rails

RSpec 3 not including support files in spec/support

So today I started a new project (this time I’m trying out Rails Composer) but after an error half way through running the template generator I started about configuring my test suite (RSpec, Capybara and Guard). 100 more words

My Favorite Reads of the Week

Each week I share a few of the more interesting tech and business pieces which I have read. Uber and Barbie got a lot of ink last week. 314 more words

HelixPulse Blog

Teacher Learns to Tweet

These are my original goals identified two months ago when I started this project:

Goal #1: Learn to code

Goal #2: Write a blog about my learning in order to process my thinking, share with other people, and gain insights from readers. 1,016 more words

Learning To Code

Welcome to Running Code

This blog came about as a means of chronicling my early stages of becoming a web developer. Currently, I am a Rails Apprentice at Launch Academy… 325 more words

Launch Academy