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Postgres in Yosemite

I have just updated to Yosemite and my worst fears have come true. The first problem that I have faced so far is running postgres. As soon as I try to start rails server, I get this error: … 223 more words


Diffrence between path and url routes helper rails [For Beginners]

Difference between path and url routes helper rails

about_path -> '/about'
about_url  -> 'http://localhost:3000/about'

Note that about_url is the full URL http://localhost:3000/about (with localhost:3000 being replaced with the domain name, such as example.com, for a fully deployed site). 56 more words

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Autocomplete in Rails App

Today, I added autocomplete to the search box I talked about in my last post. There are gems for doing it, but I found using jquery, its easier. 95 more words

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How to show Google Analytics dashboard in a Ruby on Rails application?

I was researching on importing GA dashboard in my rails application.

Putting together steps involved in it and the reference links here

1. Understand Google Analytics dimensions and metrics… 153 more words

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Is Ruby on Rails a best choice to build website?

Ruby on Rails (often referred to as just “Rails”) is a framework for building websites that can make it more affordable to create and maintain your site, while simultaneously offering improved performance and faster development times. 803 more words

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Exporting to CSV and Excel

Step 1:First we have to open  /config/application.rb and add the line as given below:


require File.expand_path('../boot', __FILE__)

require 'csv'
require 'rails/all'

Step 2:Go the controller where you want to generate the xls and add the below code. 352 more words

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Google Authentication Integration in Ruby On Rails Application

Step 1: First, sign into the Google APIs console at https://code.Google.com/apis/console/. If this is your first time visiting the APIs console, Google will prompt you to create a new project. 1,082 more words

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