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Turbolinks trouble in Rails 4

Turbolinks┬áis an excellent concept that was introduced into Rails 4. … hmmm whatever. It just turns the entire Rails app into an big Ajax page. 104 more words

Exploring Multi-tenancy


Today I started looking into adding multi-tenant abilities to my application. I thought I would share some resources I’ve been learning from, and maybe in a future post, show you the choices I made when implementing this. 343 more words

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Filter in Controller. Within a month, one date given

In this case we got a date as parameter. We want to show the records within the same month of the record’s date. (code modified thanks to… 14 more words

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Working with Parameters in View and Controller

This is how we can send parameters from View to Controller

In controller we should validate the parameter and stablish a default value

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Ruby On Rails Project - Begin!

So I’m back feeling motivated to continue writing a blog about my projects again. The first time around was a fail. I got 2 entries in and I gave up. 97 more words

Executing action with Ajax in RoR, and modifying html without refreshing the page

In index.html.erb we produce a link that triggers an ajax action when clicked by means of :remote => true. In this example the entity or model is… 125 more words

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Current date and time in Ruby on Rails

On controller, obtain current time

On view, print the formatted date and time

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