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Rubyist Satisfaction Survey

Believe it or not, Ruby was crated to bring smile upon programmers. Thats the primary motive of it. But once you start adding management guys and administration to it, you end up in a mess. 121 more words

Creator's Corner: Grey Thompson | Programming with Rails | Week Two

I have to say: this whole programming thing ain’t easy! 

We’re through our second week of BrainStation’s Programming with Rails course. To date, we’ve been pounding through the Ruby programming language to lay our foundation before picking up the Rails framework. 210 more words


Testimonial: David Guida

At the end of 2013, I was at a particularly angst-ridden crossroad: “What next?” I had just completed another “Additional Qualification” (AQ) for the Ontario College of Teachers, and I was soon amassing a pile of papers that left me feeling indistinguishable from every teacher in Ontario (there are lots of them), but worse, I was feeling neither engaged nor excited. 464 more words


Creator's Corner: Will Lam | Programming with Rails | Week Two

This past week we covered A LOT of ground when it came to learning the Ruby programming language.  We had covered flow control, and arrays, as well as getting more acquainted to the command line working through foundational material via Ruby Koans as well as Ruby Monk. 351 more words


XML Serialization in Ruby

I’ve published the gem “clifton_lib”, which is intended to be a library of useful things that I’ve built and frequently use myself for Ruby / Rails projects.  232 more words

Ruby On Rails

Ruby guys / gals are smart

Abusing tech workers by management people is a common thing, most tech people due to lack of money, pressure to maintain a family take it and do nothing about it. 127 more words

has_secure_password with Rails 4.1

I just started a new project with Rails 4.1 and explored the has_secure_password feature. Really awesome stuff!

I hope you are not storing passwords in clear text to your database! 720 more words