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Migrate Ruby on Rails Database from Sqlite to MySQL

Today I’ve migrated the database of Ruby on Rails project from Sqlite to MySQL. It’s not first time I’ve done it. So, I decided to note it as a post. 95 more words

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Angular JS implementation with Rails 4

Step 1 : Create rails app using rails new employee_details
Step 2 : Remove turbolinks gem from gemfile and add ‘pg’ gem for postgres. Set the rails version to 4.1.2 (Turbolinks may not work with angular js) 717 more words

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Ruby on Rails app with billing and fiscalization (Part1: Billing model)

Example of using  billing and extface modules.
Create a new app:

$ rails new shop
$ cd shop

Add to your ‘Gemfile’:

gem "billing"
gem "extface"
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Senior Web Developer (Ruby on Rails)


  • Strong relevant skills with 4 – 6 years of experience preferred.
  • Strong knowledge of Ruby language and rails framework. The ideal candidate also masters another language such as PHP or Python.
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Naming conventions on Ruby & Ruby on Rails

Ruby Naming Conventions

Local Variables
Lowercase letter followed by other characters, naming convention states that it is better to use underscores rather than camelBack for multiple word names, e.g. 680 more words

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Building web apps with Rails4 and AngularJS in 15 minutes

While learning AngularJS to make a single page app using Rails4, I found some good videos and blogs. However, I did not find any simple example for CRUD operations that made me easily understand the integration between Rails4 and AngularJS. 916 more words

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Redirecting exception to controller's index page

I want to improve my appliations error handling by capturing common errors and just redirecting to the index page for th particular controller with a flash message. 156 more words

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