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There is only one species of Hummingbird in the Chicago aea, the Ruby Throated Hummingbird. They spend their winters in Central America and arrive here in May. 182 more words

Bird Watching

Hummingbirds: Speed Freaks of the Bird World

Hummingbirds can shoot off in every direction at once. They live one fast paced existence. (If you turn the sound up, you’ll be able to hear the hum as they fly.) 18 more words

Tiny Gems

Being behind the camera shooting birds the past few year has been very rewarding to me, not only that I have improved my skills as a photographer but it has gotten me closer to Nature, to avians in this case, to be more specific. 86 more words


fearsome itch

fearsome itch for a wee ruby-throated hummingbird body


Crimson-eyed Rose Mallow

Niles Pond ~ Rose Mallow Natural Habitat

GMG FOB Allen Sloane writes with the subject line White, Floppy, and Big:

It was a pleasure to meet and talk with you on Saturday. 617 more words

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Never Get Tired of Hummers

I must admit, now that the hummers are here I’ve been a bit addicted to constantly being on the outlook for them. I have definitely confirmed that there are at least two of them, and perhaps up to four that buzz in and out of my garden. 88 more words


Hummingbirds: Avian Jewels

We are lucky to have a number of people in our area who are extremely knowledgeable birders. Monday night, our Bird Club featured a speaker who gave a fascinating talk and slideshow about hummingbirds. 706 more words

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