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Interhouse Cross Country

On the last day of the second term, the Senior Primary children participated in an Interhouse Cross Country Event.

Our winners were:

U10 Boys:

Elkanah House

RubyGitHooks: Emailing far and wide

We recently released a new version of the RubyGitHooks gem.  The change was simple – for the built-in hooks that send email, we added an option to restrict those emails to your company domain. 412 more words


Learning a programming language from Code Academy

My Problem with Programming Languages

So I have been learning different programming languages on and off for the past few years and what I have found out that the biggest problem with me learning is, well, me. 208 more words

Code Academy

Not feeling like going out to Bayou Brewery, but he understood even through weird moods!

When Mike called at 2:25 to see if I could be ready in twenty minutes to go to Bayou Brewery on Jacombs for bottling and labelling more of Robert’s wine / Oktoberfest beer, both of us heard button presses like someone was dialing a number, but we didn’t do it! 400 more words


Day 27 @MakerSquare: Merge sort and 01 searches

Back to sorting! Today we moved on from our original selection sort into the world of merge sorting. Merge sort takes an array and splits it in half until there is only one value left. 625 more words


"Riptide-Vance Joy" Review

One word: Amazing (yeah it’s that good) Just listen to it, go.


Sulfide Certified Ruby



Happiness is Not a Destination

Dear Ruby,

On “the worst day,” a social worker came into our hospital room to talk to us about loss, grief, and what to expect in the coming days. 947 more words