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letter count in a string, Ruby

A silly question. I have a piece of code which counts letters appearances in a string lower case and uppercase letters as one. But it returns the hash keys in lower case. 58 more words

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A Bit of Catching Up

I realized yesterday that I’ve been remiss here, with only the Alphabe-Thursday posts in a week’s time. So, I figured I should catch everyone up on why I haven’t been here… 697 more words

Put request with basic auth in ruby

require ‘net/http’
require ‘json’

home = ‘http://xxxxxx’
endpoint = ‘/api/v0/xxxxx.json’

uri = URI(home)

http = Net::HTTP.new(uri.host, uri.port)

request = Net::HTTP::Put.new(endpoint)
request.set_form_data({foo: bar})
http.use_ssl = true if uri.scheme == ‘https’ 11 more words

Getting Started ruby on rails (CentOS)

1. Disable packageit to autoupdate system

$ sudo systemctl disable packagekitd 

2. Update system

$ sudo yum update

3. Install rvm for multiple user

$ \curl -L https://get.rvm.io | sudo bash… 27 more words
Ruby On Rails

Chapter 5: Job

On his way to Elle’s apartment the next morning with breakfast, JZ remembered his primary lyricist’s words, “End her misery already,” and that was what he intended to do.

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Book 1: I Introduce To You

I2S and no explicit language

As we are leaving in the society, we need to behave. That’s why we decided to add rude language filter.
Soon, I2S will reduce the use of swearwords by replacing them with not explicit synonyms.