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An uncommon build

Uncommon because the GR1 does not participate.

However the GR3 needs the tailplanes built up

And the rudder

Which needed some clamping (First time for this kit I think)

Model Making

Part 1.7

Using the rope he clambered up the side of the boat feeling ready to tackle the journey. He was still alive, and until something happened otherwise his boat was still seaworthy. 987 more words

Part 1

rudder man.

it’s been two nights in a row, death has been the main topic on my dreams. it reminds me what my second psychologist told me, when i was a teenager, and was somewhat afraid of those mental activities. 392 more words

Sue Zupko, Miscellaneous, September 18, 2014

NOAA Teacher at Sea
Sue Zupko
Aboard NOAA Ship Henry B. Bigelow
September 7-19, 2014

Mission: Autumn Trawl Leg I
Geographical Area of Cruise: Atlantic Ocean from Cape May, NJ to Cape Hatteras, NC… 2,030 more words



Satan convinced Eve that there would be no consequences for disobeying God’s commandment (Genesis 3:4), but she will soon realize that the devil distorted the word of God and made her believe a lie and she fell for it, hence disobeying God by eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil (v.6). 381 more words

Word Of God

No Water to Drink!

Now there was no water for the community, and the people gathered in opposition to Moses and Aaron. They quarreled with Moses and said, “If only we had died when our brothers fell dead before the Lord ! 388 more words