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The dreaded rudder trailing edge

Rivet count: 349

Just got to work half a day today… my wife and I went to the art auction (the interest for loans at the bank of marital bliss is expensive!) to buy some art and get a nice Persian rug.   719 more words


Rivets and rudder skins

Rivet count: +232 bringing us to 560

Last week’s work was dramatically truncated by a trip out to Bucknell University.  I was going to fly, but the weather was awful, so I choose to drive to my sister’s instead and carpool from there. 1,075 more words


Canadair CF-104D Starfighter

@ Nellis AFB, Las Vegas, NV

November 2007

This two seat Starfighter was flown by the Canadian Armed Forces from its delivery in 1962 to 1973 when it was sold to the Norwegian Air Force where it served until its retirement on 1982.  62 more words

Rudder Decisions

After scouring the interweb and reading the forums over at the Pearson Ariel Association, I think I’ve gathered enough information to start construction on the boat’s new rudder. 338 more words


Rudder - Day 19 - 1 hour

Today, I sealed the trailing edge. Van’s has you do this to keep the trailing edge straight while riveting it. I think a bigger deal is made about this than should be. 99 more words


Rudder - Day 18 - 0.5 hours

No pics today because I made no real progress. I was going to pro-seal the trailing edge today. I ordered the small (1 oz) 30 minute kit from Van’s. 59 more words


Rudder Complete

The fin and rudder are completed. Including the hinges the fin weighs 1.75lbs and the rudder weighs 1.5lbs.

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