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Progress: Splicing, Traveler, and Rudder

Herb is continuing to develop wire splicing skills as well as passing his knowledge to the rest of the team. In the photo below, Steve is worming 1/4″ wire for the first of two bobstays. 40 more words


Casting Off... again

By the time we were ready to leave Carolina Beach, Bruce had been in the boat yard for a month. When he first looked at the rudder, he was overwhelmed by everything on his list, so he agreed to out-source the rudder project. 1,031 more words

Odds and ends, tune in tomorrow

Today was a half day in the shop. So I had a long list of odds and ends I wanted to get done. In normal fashion I only got a few of them done. 238 more words

Long Ez

The rudder or the rocks

Your greatest strength can be your greatest weakness. The things we are good at, especially those that we excel at, are a potential liability. None of us are immune to the tendency to squander or misuse our gifts. 381 more words

An uncommon build

Uncommon because the GR1 does not participate.

However the GR3 needs the tailplanes built up

And the rudder

Which needed some clamping (First time for this kit I think)

Model Making

Part 1.7

Using the rope he clambered up the side of the boat feeling ready to tackle the journey. He was still alive, and until something happened otherwise his boat was still seaworthy. 987 more words

Part 1