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Because when you cannot, you just can't.

Everyone has their own personal list of pet peeves. For some, it’s sketchy coworkers that steal lunches and snacks from a shared office refrigerator. For others, it’s an annoying uncle that chews his food in a manner similar to that of Mister Ed. 1,268 more words


Where Have the Manners Gone?

It’s a terrible epidemic that people, today, are losing their knowledge of manners.

The way I was raised, you respect those older than you. You call people ma’am and sir, Mrs., miss, and Mr. 1,073 more words

Dear wordpress...

Dearest wordpress, I am writing to you, and about you today. I have noticed that quite a few people are not fans of this “new” way that you are running thing’s. 101 more words

Why you gotta be so rude?

So who has heard the song Rude by Magic?

It’s interesting how the young man takes the response of the father, telling him no you can’t marry my daughter. 861 more words

The Daily Rant

Addicted to TV

My children are obsessed with television. I find them upstairs in their parents’ room watching it all morning when they used to come downstairs to eat breakfast. 118 more words

You should get a nose job...

The main flaw on match.com is that when someone sends you an email, the person who sent that email can see the timestamp of when you read it.  323 more words


I'm taking a stance against rudeness

*Disclaimer: Before I begin this rant, I’d like to emphasize that this post is not about chivalry and its death, despite the fact that all of my “victims” are female. 826 more words