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On “Rude” by Magic!

*Sigh* Just when I thought pop music couldn’t be more immature.  Don’t get me wrong, whenever I hear this song, it’s catchy, it has a nice beat, and I get that, to an extent, it’s meant to come across as a “sweet” thing where “nothing will get in the way of our love” whatever… but no. 514 more words


Maggie's Pick 10.24.2014: "Stacy's Mom" by Fountains of Wayne

Cougar Pick 3, also known as the song that reminds me of the time 5 years ago that I hosted a Halloween party and my friends sang this song to my mom, subbing in “Maggie’s Mom” for “Stacy’s Mom.” 31 more words


Flavoured Cock ???

What’s wrong with the natural taste of cock ?


Totally R a n d o m


I know this will come off as a self-praise but…god my mother did a wonderful job. I’m way too decent for my own good. Way too kind and considerate. 36 more words


RUDE by Magic! (My Tagalog Version)


Here’s my tagalog version of RUDE by Magic!

Within 1 week I got this much views :DD so THANKS YOU GUYS! I am not so good but thanks for the view. 17 more words


People on Cell phone's make me laugh!

So while driving around I found a unique trend. People who are standing on the sidewalk talking on their cell phones give me a dirty look because they can’t hear the person on the other end. 205 more words


Grocery Store Aisles

Question:  You are walking down the cookie aisle of the grocery store when you are forced to come to a stop due to  another shopper with a grocery cart hindering you from continuing through the aisle.   277 more words