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Oh hey. I didn't see you there.

I have a love/hate relationship with this blog.

I love to post here and see all of your comments and likes. Conversely, I really have begun to hate the actual online dating part. 753 more words

Confused By Dating

From 12-10-14

A college-aged female told me that she was harassed on the street by high school boys and that she didn’t feel safe.

To make matters worse, she told me that once she was walking down the street to go out to dinner with her friends, and she thought that she looked nice–but after several men honked at her from their cars and yelled crude remarks, she stopped feeling pretty and started feeling like she “looked like a slut.” 7 more words

Thank you, Thank you very much

So it’s really annoying when people come in here pissed off when they get booted and interact with you in that pissed off state which doesn’t allow them to actually hear what is happening. 211 more words



You save your seed for the perfectly pert with the pixellated pussies – shoulda paid more money, honey, to get the full on sex experience. 230 more words


Spare Me: I'm Not Dr. Phil

I’ve come to the conclusion that I am your “friendly neighborhood psychiatrist.” As much as that title kills me it’s the only thing that fit what’s been happening to me these past couple days. 612 more words