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10 things to NOT say to people suffering infertility

  1.  “I know how you feel, it took us <insert number here> of months to conceive”
  2. “You just need to stop stressing out”
  3. “We were not even trying and we got pregnant”
  4. 74 more words

To The Man At The Table Behind Us At Lunch Yesterday

You were sitting at the table behind us, when my friend and I came in for lunch.

My daughter and I were on the bench that backed up to your booth, on the side where your wife and daughter were sitting. 737 more words


NEW COMIC Tourette

Let me introduce you to a new little character. Her name is Tourette.


Stand up for Yourself

IM BACK. Three exciting things happened today, which one will be our main focus. One is *drumroll* I HAVE A CO-OWNER NOW. Now you can count on seeing posts from me and Tabia . 829 more words

A Fat Pill

So true story…

This guy at work goes to me today, “Hey, did you get a fat pill?”

I am thinking to myself DID I put on a few pounds…but still how totally rude.  132 more words


Assertive Versus Rude

When speaking with someone, where is the line drawn between being assertive and being rude? This is a question that I often face, as I like to be neither assertive or rude. 388 more words