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Someone in Your Way

You know those awkward moments when you’re walking down the sidewalk or even a hallway and someone is a little ways ahead of you and they’re walking slow. 25 more words



It’s been long, I know…and maybe after this you will understand why. You see trying to settle in some places can be extremely difficult and time consuming….Kisumu is one such place. 503 more words


Some Rude Things

So lets talk a little about etiquette real quickly. This blog post starts when my wife asked me if in America we leave our trash and trays at the table after eating at a fast food restaurant. 426 more words


Monday Morning Coffee Rant: Ignorance

Canadians are polite; that is our stereotype.

You would think that in the 21st century of our time, we would have weeded out the ignorance in people’s words and actions. 224 more words

Vivian Choi

Stop it with the cell phone already!

A long time ago I fell upon an article about “old souls” and “new souls” etc. At the time I thought it was the most amazing discovery and truly identified myself with being an old soul. 1,074 more words

Career Advice

water play

I still don’t know exactly what they were doing but it involved turning on and off the water over and over again for about a half hour. 28 more words

Upstairs Neighbors

Topic 10: People that are too good for other people.

What really has ground my gears over the course of the weekend has been people that don’t reply to people when they go out of their way to post Happy Birthday on their Facebook wall. 212 more words