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Did you guys know a bunch of celebrity nude pictures were leaked this weekend? If you’re anything like me, you probably didn’t care much. Don’t get me wrong, it’s awful; it’s a huge violation of privacy, even when you consider these people make their living specifically by being in the public eye. 228 more words

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Campus Cat Calls

After watching this viral video I decided to address this issue, so feel free to watch then read.

So, this is a fairly common occurrence on my campus especially in the warmer months while shorts are shorter and everyone walks everywhere. 261 more words


Daily Satisfaction - Rude (Zedd Remix)


To start this month off i’m going to go for a Zedd remix of Magic!’s Rude. Awesome drops from this great artist.



Daily Satisfaction

MAGIC! "Rude (Zedd Remix)"

MAGIC “Rude (Zedd Remix)”

MAGIC! "Rude (Zedd Remix)" wp.me/p3NcTe-9P #music youtu.be/E9Q4-wcPDBQ via @YouTube
Ⓚri§ (@PulsateMedia) September 01, 2014


Rude! by Magic has been on constant replay on my ipod since I discovered this amazing track months ago.

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Chinese 'culture'

  • Babies shitting all over public walkways, subway stations and trains
  • Entire waves of cars idly cruising through red lights
  • 10+ phones ringing during each cinema sitting…
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Politeness is overrated.

I didn’t always believe it.  I was raised to say “please” and “thank-you”, to take my turn, and to share with everybody.  These are good things to teach you’re children, and I don’t think my parents were wrong to teach these things at all. 294 more words

Magic!'s "Rude" - Sexist or Not?

I have recently read a few posts and watched some YouTube videos on Magic!’s “Rude” claiming for a variety of reasons that the song is not feminist and is furthermore sexist and demeaning to women. 728 more words