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How to deal with Betchy Law School Girls

I’m channelling positive vibes today, so I’m going to start by saying that you’ve got to feel sorry for them.

Now I’ve got that out of the way, I can get to the nitty-gritty of it. 406 more words

The Uninvited

Nope, not a ghost story and not technically about people who are not invited. They just are not invited by me.

So it really shits me (especially if you are crazy enough to spring anything on me straight after a nap and before I’ve eaten- this small window is easily my most volatile) when I have made plans, particularly with one other person and they invite extras. 230 more words

The 10 Commandements of Airports

No, these are not the same.

After a relaxing hot 5 days in Los Angeles, I have finally returned to this beautiful dirty city I call home. 512 more words

Am I an Asshole Magnet? ... And Other Queries

*Disclaimer* This blog is quite ranty, messy, and all over the place. Much like my life. 

A few interactions with people I used to be close with has made me ask myself this question quite a bit recently. 348 more words

Weighing my options

I had my interview at a very prestigious New York City hospital. The director was quick to say they are a “non-profit” hospital but I assume they have some verrrrrry generous donors….it was clean and modern and the staff were very pleasant in other words the opposite of where I currently work. 237 more words

More one liners

Q: What do you call a lesbian dinosaur?
A: Lickalotopuss.

Q. What do the spice girls and a pack of M+Ms have in common?
A. There are assorted colours, but they all taste the same. 245 more words