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10 Celebrities Who Are Said To Smell Bad

We found this list of celebrities who are said to smell bad.

We thought it was pretty funny, although I don’t think Cameron Diaz looks like she smells bad. 9 more words


How to Be a Jerk Weasel: Cultural Performances

***This temper tantrum is brought to you by the rude oafs I found myself surrounded by at two performances over the weekend.***

Step 1… 658 more words

Thoughts & Opinons

The Interrupter

I’ve been a little quiet on the blogging front lately as I spent most of last week in bed. Not in the sweaty OMG hot sex kinda way, more the sweaty OMG I’m so sick I’m going to die….alone…and be eaten by alsatians in a Bridget Jones style kinda way. 643 more words


Hate is a very strong word...

When I was younger I used to say I hated things left and right just because, growing up I realized how strong the word really was. 672 more words


Leading by example 😉

Wow… so I’ve been working on the tone in which I talk to my kids in lately because believe it or not I can be really rude in my tone of voice and sometimes choice of words ( meaning words like “shut up” **come on guys you know me. 78 more words

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Like OMG critique my story! NOW!

I’ve encountered a lot of rude people on Wattpad.com. Most recently with people that I’m critiquing for.

If people don’t get their reviews within 2 days, I start getting rude messages. 130 more words