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Don't swim slow drills in the fast lane

It seems obvious to me, but if the lanes are assigned according to swimming speed that means it is based on the speed you are swimming *this* length. 385 more words


My Thoughts on Rude by Magic

Rude by Magic is a song that I don’t like. And it is funny because the main reasons I don’t like it is because of the story that it tries to tell as opposed to the music or the beat. 255 more words

Customer Service...

Some people just really are bad with customer service. I mean, seriously, its basically common sense to be polite when your a frontliner. Just had some bad experience with a hotel here in Subic. 9 more words


Just One Step

Crude and rude and pulsing bright
It shafts its head into my sight
A flower flaming head in burst
Of feisty thrusting revelry of
Self before in height… 79 more words


"Yanis Varoufakis Newsnight interview" στο YouTube

Yanis Varoufakis Newsnight interview: http://youtu.be/BiIO4YciewU

not only is BBC reporter (who is is?) is rude at GREECE’S prime minister but also BBC such an acclaimed channel presents a completely diminishing video about greek life. 31 more words



Working in a takeaway has taught me many things; one of which is tolerance.

The saying, ‘The customer is always right’ is only sometimes correct in the food industry. 250 more words


Hey Co-Worker, There Are At Least 10 Reasons Why I Can't Stand You...

I hope the office karma gods don’t punish me, but there is a lady I can’t stand who is  positioned diagonal to my office. She makes me want to stomp off in a huff with my laptop and purse at least once a day because she: 210 more words

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