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Disarming--Do You Really Want To Do This?

When someone at work confronts you in a rude or hostile manner, why would you want to practice disarming, when you could respond with comebacks (counter-attacking), rational explanations for your actions (defending), or submission (disengagement)? 455 more words



The word Bully gets thrown around all the time by parents and students. However, from my experience, they do not understand the implications and the power that “the B word” carries. 153 more words

Third Grade

When True Colors Rear Its Ugly Head

Recently, I’ve had the privilege of discovering the true colors of a person, whom I’ve knew for some years. All these while, I was fooled into thinking she is genuine as a friend and employee, but in actual fact, it is all a facade. 1,824 more words


TMZ Ain't Budging Buddy!!!!

The headline on the @TMZ headline reads “Crack Mayor Dead At 78″ and my internal initial response was “These MF’ers”. Then I see a post (repost) from my #TVCrush  754 more words


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Envelope Pushers.”

Hey !

So in response to today’s daily post, the last time I pushed my own boundaries was in the professional aspect.

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The Daily Post

the end of the live blogging fight

I was going to keep blogging last night but I really needed to sleep.

After a ten minute break, the upstairs neighbors were back at it again. 45 more words

Upstairs Neighbors

Thanks for Being Rude...no, really, Thanks.

On Saturday I had the opportunity to join with friends and strangers to pack and deliver Thanksgiving food items to five families in a very poor city in NJ. 845 more words