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YOU DID NOT JUST SAY THAT, DID YOU ????? 5 Basic Crisis Communication Risk Management Strategies.

by Jeff Marshall

In a world where we offer Zombie Apocalypse insurance (really, $15/year), why isn’t there Foot-in-Mouth insurance? The answer has to be more than “foot-in-mouth is a moral hazard and a zombie attack is more in line with “bad dog” coverage.” Maybe the difference is that with Zombies, you are dealing with the undead and with faux pas you wish you were dead. 694 more words

Risk Management

Weekend Edition - March 28, 2014

Taking a page from “American Idol” or the “Miss America Pageant”, right wing billionaire Sheldon Adelson is summoning Teapublican candidates to audition – the prize? His multimillions. 615 more words

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Letterman's First Post - 9/11 Monologue

A week after the attacks on the World Trade Center, Letterman’s show went back on the air, and this was his first monologue. He spoke emotionally – the way we were feeling – and even if you aren’t the world’s biggest Giuliani fan, I think Letterman’s thoughts bear repeating. 11 more words


The Harder They Fall

Recent events in Ukraine have resulted in predictable, though bizarre, reaction in the United States. Suddenly people who couldn’t spell “Ukraine” if you spotted them a “k” and a “U” are clamoring for President Obama to take bold action. 645 more words

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Blah, Blah, Leadership, Blah-President Putin… Blah-President Obama!

Former candidate for President and Senator from Arizona, John McCain, says that Russia’s movement into the Crimean peninsula of the Ukraine is a consequence of President Obama’s “feckless foreign policy” in the region.   546 more words


Mob's Hold on Unions Isn't What It Used to Be

Organized Crime’s Presence in Labor Groups Is Weaker Today, but Not Totally Gone

Feb. 18, 2014

Thirty years ago, customers paid more for the salmon, shrimp and other seafood dishes they ordered at New York City restaurants because the Mafia controlled the truckers union that made deliveries to the Fulton Fish Market, according to law-enforcement officials and court records. 423 more words