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“In my country, young girls are so carefully guarded that a man is not free to speak to them of love except through the eyes, the expression of the face or some other form of subtle pantomime”..Rudolph Valentino

19 Dec 1925 - Valentino's Christmas Plans

Rudolph Valentino was asked by our reporter what was his plans for Christmas. Mr. Valentino replied “I am leaving for Paris tomorrow evening and from Berlin expect to go to London to spend Christmas with relatives”.

#ThrowbackThursday: Sheik Condoms by Rudolph Valentino

I found this image of an interesting condom tin, and decided to do some sleuthing to find out more. Sheik condoms were part of the Durex brand, and were popular for decades before being phased out. 85 more words


13 Dec 1924 - Christmas Gifts

Wooly mufflers according to Rudolph Valentino make very nice Christmas presents for a gent and a small diamond pendent makes a very nice Christmas gift for a lady.

“Once a gentleman always a gentleman, even though a husband. When a woman says she wants a career, it means that she wants independence. I think a man should be the master. 63 more words