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18 Jan 1933 - Miss Rambova Home Ransacked

Thieves entered the Majorca home of Natacha Rambova, former wife of Rudolph Valentino and ransacked the establishment. They stole a revolver but did not steal any jewelry. 18 more words

24 Oct 1926 - Valentino Manager Writes Valentino’s Story

A book dealing with intimately with the late Rudolph Valentino was issued yesterday by Macy-Masius, publishers. The book by S.George Ullman, for many years the film star’s manager. 81 more words

“The biggest thing that Rudolph Valentino did was die”..–Alice Terry, Lead actress Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse on his death.

7 Feb 1948 Restauranteur Holds Valentino IOU

Manhattan restauranteur Sam Slavin still holds an IOU from Rudolph Valentino for $10.00. He lent Rudy money when the great silent film star worked in Slavin’s place for $12.00 a week. 25 more words