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1925 - Who Are?

In 1925, a poll was taken in the United States and Rudolph Valentino was named fourth most popular dancer.

“Would-be tangoers, should remember that the good dancer gives his exclusive attention to his partner”..Rudolph Valentino 1925

Sep 2014 - Q & A with noted author Donna Hill

First off, I want to thank you for this opportunity to interview you for my blog. I enjoyed your first book and I think between that, the yearly calendar, your facebook RV group and your website I am a fan of yours. 834 more words

Ruffneck: Keaton, Laurel, and Hardy at the SF Silent Film Festival

Buster Keaton’s The General is one of those movies that are on every cinephile’s best-of list, and with good reason. Elegantly structured, coolly executed, and funny as hell, the film was Keaton’s own favorite, although it was the movie that almost ruined his reputation when it first came out. 577 more words

1924 - Rudolph Valentino Camera Buff

Rudolph Valentino was a noted collector of many fine and expensive things. He was a car connoisseur, a fashion icon and a keen photographer. Rudolph Valentino owned several cameras: a French Gaumont, German Goerz Tenax Camera, an Eastman Professional Home Portrait Graflex and a 35mm Parvo Debrie Model L Camera. 154 more words