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24 Aug 1926 - In Memoriam

Stars shining for their hours star we make immortal by our tributary feet. The teeming skies that new knew a god so strangely sweet. As this bright memory that fills our hears and brims our eyes with tears as bright. 40 more words

Dorothy Arzner. A Woman Working when Women REALLY didn't work the top industry jobs.

“When I was a graduate student, I had a wonderful teacher I admired – a woman director, in fact, the only Hollywood director. Her name was Dorothy Arzner. 3,476 more words

“Mr Valentino was greatly cheered during his last days by the thousands of messages sent him by his friends and motion picture admirers, and while he was too weak to read all of them, it was a great comfort to him to know that so many friends were interested and sympathetic”.. 10 more words

23 Aug 2014 - 87th Annual Rudolph Valentino Memorial Service Review

This year marks the first time I attended the annual service that celebrates the life of Silent Film Star Rudolph Valentino. I was amazed at the amount of like-minded people whose sole purpose was to visit and pay their respect to a remarkable man whose life was cut short but lives forever on film. 260 more words

Valentino dies

Eighty-eight years ago, on August 23, one of the world’s very first sex icons died. Rudolph Valentino….the dark lover….left our world. There was frenzy among his fanatical female fans; it was the virginal experience for a young female audience to lose their heartthrob. 1,332 more words

Pola Negri

Movie Reviews: The Sheik (1921)

Though my work towards my MLIS degree has been taking its toll on my movie time, I am still working on watching the AFI lists to completion… 1,166 more words