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Brave Hindus of Bali, a 1963 Photo Feature from Dharma Yuga

“kAla-jayI pUjA of mahAkAla: A Thrilling Photo Feature from Indonesia”

Under the clear blue skies of Bali, we were sitting on the broken steps of an ancient village temple of Ubud, when my companion, Ida Bagus Sudharma, renowned photo-journalist from Indonesia, narrated to me this thrilling and shocking tale of bravery.

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Had to re-blog this! If only the Hindus of Bharata could have a quarter of this fervour and devotion, the fire of the Dharma would shine a thousand times brighter! May Rudra-MahAkAla aid us in crushing the Dasyu rAjas, those bloody rAkshasAs in Deva-Vesha, the PretamArgin-s and Mohamatta-margin-s.