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Rudrabhishek Puja

Facing litigation? Disease? Obstacles and secret enemies?

Shubhpuja highly recommends Rudrabhishek Puja!

Rudrabhishek is propitiating God in living form. Like all of us take bath in the morning, Rudrabhishek is cleaning, bathing and beautification of idol of God with devotion. 95 more words


Vedic Gods 330 Million Or 33 List

The period when the Four Vedas were in very active usage,about 5000 years back,there was a highly developed system of Philosophical thought.

For the date of the… 783 more words


Rudra’s fake affection for Paro to turn true in Rangrasiya

Rudra and Paro got married. We all know how!! In a drunken state…. Everyone in their family know the reason behind the marriage and Mohini makes sure Rudra acts well with Paro infront of the social welfare women. 153 more words

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The Politics of Food

@CBRFoodie got a special mention in a recent @canberratimes Food & Wine Supplement! thanks to the lovely editor @NatashaRudraCT … and thanks to @rachiperera for spotting it and posting it on twitter :)


Rudra and Paro’s love-hatred to be made public by Sumer in Rangrasiya

Rudra ill treats Paro as he can’t accept her love on any condition. He acts rude to her and distances himself from her. Paro gets a doll in his cupboard which reminds her that it is hers and she comes to know that she and Rudra has been childhood lovers. 163 more words

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Rudra marries Paro with hatred in his heart in Rangrasiya

Rudra tells Paro that here is the Havan Kund and promises her the seven vows of marriage but with a change, that’s not keeping her trust and the eight vow he takes is he will never be hers. 27 more words

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Paro offers sindoor to Rudra in Colors' Rangrasiya

Paro thinks of the red color of the sindoor and the color of her tears. She says but today this sindoor will change the color of my life. 53 more words

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