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Rejected from Iowa, But in a "It's Not You, It's Me" Kind of Way

In his guide to the craft / memoir, On Writing, Stephen King discusses the art of coping with rejection. Eventually, after piles and piles of stock letters and advice no more specific or helpful than to stop stapling his manuscripts, he begins to receive handwritten notes. 275 more words


Here's a partial list of my past speaking engagements


I’ll be doing a speaking gig in Colorado Springs in June and am updating my vita, hence this partial list of my past speaking engagements. 326 more words


They Complete Us

Jerry Maguire
Peter King, editor-in-chief

I really liked Jerry Maguire back in the day—back, I guess, almost two decades ago—but for me to name it my favorite football movie ever says a lot about football movies. 1,960 more words

Open Field

Rudy the red-tailed hawk now has permanent home at Racine Zoo

RACINE (WITI) — The Racine Zoological Society says Rudy, a native Wisconsin red-tailed hawk and official mascot of Gateway Technical College, now has a permanent home in a special exhibit at the zoo. 426 more words


Is It Worth It?

Every now and then, I find myself asking this question: “Is it worth it?”

As a single woman in her mid-sixties, the answer to that question has the potential to change the course of action I am following. 588 more words


I was banned

Early this week we had a couple of tiles replaced. Fernando painstakingly took out the old ones, and put in the new ones. We weren’t supposed to step on them, but … … 55 more words



In the movie Rudy, a young man shows everyone that he has a high enough self-efficacy to accomplish his goal of becoming a football player for Notre Dame. 141 more words