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Paris the Fifth, Part 1

And back to Paris, and at this time of year. Lucky enough to have been here so often, walking and walking and seeing. The drugging city of my student days, returning whoozy-headed: the winter light and the big skies; municipal ambitions and unambitious plumbing. 186 more words


Androuet, 75005

There has been a market on the rue Mouffetard since the 1380s. It’s a long story (one for when you’re sitting comfortably) but it all started when some excommunicated priests from Notre Dame cathedral were settled on the banks of the river Bièvre, on the outskirts of the fledgling city of mediaeval Paris. 220 more words

Open Saturday

Power Walking

Since I’d been there once before, I thought it would be a snap to find Rue Mouffetard, with its famous market, on Sunday morning; so we set out, after coffee, aiming to have breakfast when we got there.  508 more words

Solo Travel

An afternoon on Rue Mouffetard

In the 5th Arrondissement spending a leisurely afternoon on Rue Mouffetard is a wonderful distraction. The street is full of bistros, little boutiques and of course plenty of places to buy the local produce including beautiful cakes. 101 more words

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