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Making up for the days of Sawm missed due to a long-term illness

Question: I have been suffering an illness for several years. The illness began in a previous Ramadaan that I have not been able to make up for till now, since I am still under treatment. 109 more words


Making up for the days of Sawm missed by a patient

Question: I underwent an operation in Ramadaan, and I stayed in hospital till the end of the month. How can I make up for the days of the month that I could not fast? 84 more words


Should the patient and the traveler observe Sawm or they have Rukhsah not to do?

Question: Shaykh Muhammad Mutawallee Al-Sha`raawee, may Allaah safeguard him, said about the Aayaat (Qur’aanic verses) nos. 183-184 in Soorah (Qur’aanic chapter) Al-Baqarah that any one who is ill or on a journey must not observe Sawm (Fast) and must compensate for that missed Sawm. 353 more words