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Rule 5: It's about the pretty girls...

If you’re going to have a successful blog…

In this case, we’re focusing on Rule 5 specifically.  Robert Stacy McCain of “The Other McCain”, whose blog I read quite regularly and will share links from time to time, posted these rules to help grow your blog.   93 more words

Rule 5

Rule 5: Georgia Pellegrini

This gal, who is from New York’s Hudson Valley but seems to now live in Austin, is a real hunter, as well as an author, a chef and a looker who might one day embody the old saying: Looks don’t last but cookin’ does. Check out her site here.


Rule 5: SOTU Edition

I was promised so much free stuff tonight, my man-nipples became erect.

Fortunately, so did these: 22 more words

Rule 5

Cleaning House(?)

Not exactly Spring cleaning (still being Winter, and all) and not my house (as I rent a room) but I’m speaking of the blog. 131 more words


"Raining mud, from a lacerated tyre" – Slayer (sort of)

It might look ugly out there, but it’s worth looking a bit harder.

For road riders all over the northern hemisphere – and certainly here in London – 653 more words