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On Getting In The Arena and Putting On Blinders

Improving is not hard. We all can improve. It’s improving the skills that we want to improve, when we want to improve them, in the way that we want to improve them that can pose difficulties. 923 more words


Dipping into the Pensieve: Year Two

It’s been a strange year, one with lots of ups and downs and much moving around. There have been a number of preoccuptions and considerations and general ‘where is my life going?’ angst. 731 more words


Bed Check

not stars or waves or blades of grass
no sirens calling movement towards rocks
deadly, seen
yet still the irresistible compulsion
to push forward

buildings tumble… 83 more words

Julie Ayers

The thoughts I'm fighting

Hey Zofties,

So I’m having a “trapped in my head” moment. Today, Darell emailed me a video and it grossed me out completely. So much to the point that my co-worker Daisy had comfort me after watching it. 277 more words

Egotistical Absurdity

Yet more time away from the blog not commenting on stuff in a random and I hope fairly interesting way, but I find myself in the rather unenviable position of not really being arsed to do anything. 493 more words

Daily Post

On Radical Acceptance

If you are familiar with DBT, then you have heard the term “radical acceptance.” This is one of those emotional tools that is incredibly challenging, but can be very effective in dealing with one’s circumstances. 250 more words


Think it over, and over, and over...

I never thought of myself as ruminating, because I didn’t sit around thinking ‘this sucks, why me’. Well, not for the last few years. Just realised my flavour of rumination is ‘analysing and problem solving’, and I actually ruminate my arse off all damn day. 305 more words