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Face Off

Well, work and energy levels have dictated that I didn’t post for a while (Three weeks, jeez that went fast), but when I saw yesterdays… 653 more words

Daily Post

Brooding: It Rehearses Failure

Reflection is good, brooding is not. But how do you break the cycle of negative thinking? It is great that human beings can reflect and learn from experience, but that is not the same as destructively dwelling on things. 458 more words

Brief Therapy

Biggest Cause of Depression... Rumination

According to a study cited in this BBC News article (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-24444431), the biggest cause of depression is rumination, i.e. the tendency to dwell on past negative events. 532 more words


Reality-testing: Why mourning is so very hard and takes so very long.

Too often we are shocked by the excruciating pain of mourning. Mourning disrupts our lives in ways we never anticipate and takes longer than we thought possible. 251 more words

The Butterfly Effect

The white butterfly was sitting on the front walk as we went out for an evening picnic in the park. It was an unusually bright Wednesday. 1,236 more words


keeping the old

Third night in a row failing to fall asleep; it’s exhausting because I am actually tired. Last night (or this morning) I was in bed from 6-10AM and didn’t sleep a wink. 833 more words

Personal Life

volcanoes that belch ice


heat, air, flesh, viscera, flannel, poppy seeds, tin foil

Texture must necessarily be described through the invocation of other things. The finger traces along the wood, and the ridges of the wood interact with the whorls of the finger in such a way as to produce nerve reactions in the finger, shooting sense data to the owner of said finger, and allowing him to make inferences about said wood. 81 more words