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Márquez and Lehane and Giraudoux

Gabriel García Márquez died yesterday. He forced guardians of literary propriety to accept — even, perhaps, to appreciate — magic realism. And he severely pissed off guardians of socio-political propriety, hanging out with people like Castro and Chavez. 487 more words


Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This....

Oh, what a day!

Is than an understatement? Am I being dramatic? Who knows. What I do know is that I have been through the emotional wringer today. 418 more words


Blue is the new Purple?

We opened our home up to foster care again. I haven’t been actively pursuing it, but I did let them know the new cell phone numbers and our new age range. 266 more words


But... is it ART?

One of the boons of modern technology has been a vast improvement in the quantity and quality of fake art. Imitation Rembrandts which skilled (and under-appreciated) artists labored over for months — or years — can now be whipped out in an hour or two with computerized gadgets. 610 more words


A Learning Menu

I found researching depression frustrating enough to just stop. But if I’m not learning about something that affects my life this much, then I’m feeling powerless to do much about it. 341 more words

भरोसा है खुदी पर !

- -

भरोसा है खुदी पर, नाखुदा की इल्तिजा कैसी,
मेरी कश्ती ही साहिल है, मेरी कश्ती में साहिल है।

– Daag Dehlvi

Bombay Diaries

Introspection in Moderation

When my therapist brought up inner child therapy in one of our first meetings, I was highly resistant.  Just the words inner child therapy scared me for some reason.   522 more words

Anxiety And Depression