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You know you're unemployed when...

You agree to house-sit for two pit bull puppies, ten chickens, one rooster, Gilbert the guinea pig, and a whole school of talapia. Rudy the rooster crowing and the puppies energetically licking my face is, well, a rude awakening at 7:00 am on a Saturday. 173 more words


that's spanish for "next to denny's" .

o imaginary reader, i am glad i have you.

i just switched from the radisson to the la quinta. it’s significantly cheaper, it’s not significantly farther from the office, and it seems a lot brighter and cheerier and better-reviewed. 218 more words

Mindfulness, more important than I thought

Recently, I read this Harvard Gazette article: “Wandering mind not a happy mind.” It’s well worth a read.┬áI had to share some thinkings on it. 716 more words

Bipolar Disorder

Hotel Room

Note: As I got into writing this piece, it did occur to me that, while crappy hotel rooms have been the exception rather than the rule of my own experience, I really could write this essay’s opposite, given, if not the PERCENTAGE of hotel rooms that have been crappy, the often bizarre and memorable WAYS in which their crappiness has manifested itself. 976 more words

Hotel Room

Dealing with Rumination

Being someone who prefers to get along well with everyone, I found myself ruminating over the situation I described in yesterday’s post. Despite reassurances from friends that the person in question had behaved poorly, this evening, my mind keeps┬áreturning to the matter: 248 more words

Mental Health

Helpful Resources

I’m creating a post for this information since I’ve already written two comments over the last week with some of this information in them. That prompted me to think perhaps I should make it “official” and have a place here on the blog to send people to. 813 more words

Bipolar Disorder

Dancing to OCD and the Pogo Hag

Sunday broke on me this morning like a sunny egg on warm toast. I opened my eyes to a lovely orange morning, gleeful birds singing their hit parade outside my window, and the sound of church bells. 561 more words

Mental Health