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Worry Wart

Well, it’s that time again. It’s lunchtime, I’ve stuffed a piri piri ham sandwich down my throat and now I’m raring to get on with today’s… 567 more words

Daily Post

How to be a Millenial, Ryan Howard style

‘I was the youngest VP in company history.’

‘More recently, he worked in a bowling alley.’

I watch a lot of TV. To be precise, I watch a lot of American TV, as do many people of my socio economic background and ‘Westernised’ upbringing in this part of the world. 860 more words


"I" want to "quit" my "job"

I took the pressure off and I lost all of my drive.  I learned how to relax and take everything in stride, and forgot how to prioritize over myself.   667 more words

Rumination And How It Affects Your Life

Have you ever been stressed all day because you can’t stop thinking of something unfair that happened that morning? Or the previous week? This human tendency to obsess, trying to work things out in one’s mind, is common. 597 more words


You know you're unemployed when...

You agree to house-sit for two pit bull puppies, ten chickens, one rooster, Gilbert the guinea pig, and a whole school of talapia. Rudy the rooster crowing and the puppies energetically licking my face is, well, a rude awakening at 7:00 am on a Saturday. 173 more words


that's spanish for "next to denny's" .

o imaginary reader, i am glad i have you.

i just switched from the radisson to the la quinta. it’s significantly cheaper, it’s not significantly farther from the office, and it seems a lot brighter and cheerier and better-reviewed. 218 more words

Mindfulness, more important than I thought

Recently, I read this Harvard Gazette article: “Wandering mind not a happy mind.” It’s well worth a read. I had to share some thinkings on it. 716 more words

Bipolar Disorder