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Collaborative Rumination: The Benefits of Breaking Bread with Brothers

What did Jesus’ bro-night look like ?  While he often slipped off to be alone with his Father, Jesus also made sure to spend quality time with his disciples.   913 more words

Shockingly OCD

As I have mentioned a few times on this blog, and will no doubt mention a few more times, I have OCD. It’s not life crippling and in many ways I can go about my daily business without anyone other than myself being any the wiser. 513 more words

The Brain

Ούτε για μια στιγμή

Ένα κορμί δίχως σκοπό
Περιφερόμενο σε μπλε ακρογιαλιές
Το βήμα σου βαρύ
Αντίθετο με το στόχο της ψυχής σου.

Ό,τι θωρείς, τρομάζει.
Ό,τι αγγίζεις, γκρεμίζεις.


Gotta Get That Beach Body: On Body Positivity

There is something that has been wiggling around in the back of my mind for a while now. It’s relevant to the spirit of this blog, if not the usual content, so I’m putting it here. 810 more words


What are thinking errors in CBT?

Back in the 1960s Aaron Beck, the founder of cognitive therapy, realised that his depressed patients all exhibited similar, unhelpful ways of thinking which both made them vulnerable to and served to maintain their depression. 685 more words

Cognitive Therapy


What goes from here, I wish I never knew—
Doubting hands, perform, and self be steady.
Don’t you waver and doubt the sun away; 62 more words



Growing up on a dairy farm had its joys.  Getting up early enough to feed the calves before catching the bus was not one of them.   413 more words