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A different view of helping those with depression

I read a number of blogs about depression before I launched this blog. 

I’ve done a large amount of research about depression and I know what I’m going to say now is consistent with that research. 933 more words


Week 2 - 9/15/14 - Day 9 - Tracker

The weekend was tough for me.  I discovered that my marriage is a factor is this situation.  The relationships we have play a big part in our mental health – we’re human after all. 524 more words


In which I have a bad dream

When Andy gets up at 4.30 to catch the early train I wake enough to know he’s leaving.  I’m on my own now and it will soon be time to get everyone up. 633 more words


Tricksy Little Hobbit? Battling the Imposter Phenomenon

Have you ever had that feeling like you’ve snuck yourself into a situation that you’re not supposed to be in? Maybe it’s your partner, or your job, or even the fact that you’re in school that makes you feel like this but you feel like everyone else knows it too—you’re not good enough for this. 1,446 more words

Issue Of The Week

Why I'm Not Okay With "Bitch".

I was talking to someone today about offensive words. Without hesitation, I said that I found the word “bitch” extremely offensive no matter the context, and at least in part because of how freely it’s thrown around. 354 more words


On Heartbreak and Soul Loss

Perhaps, if you had been following along from the beginning, in the little house with the two cuddly cats (I still miss them terribly) in that quiet shaded neighborhood, you may already have predicted–or at the very least, not be surprised to learn–that I would be back again in my parents’ house, sitting at home with our beloved 15-year-old dog, broken again after more debacled essays at living; unemployed, single, hungry as a wild thing (At present, I can’t get the desire for all things chocolate out of my mind); and also hyperventilating mildly because of my antidepressant, which affects my breathing so that inhaling and exhaling and inhaling…etc. 2,152 more words

On Freakhood

The change we fear

Change scares us. Change entails uncertainty, entails threat, and stress. We spend our lives creating a comfort zone that will provide us with safety and security; a comfort zone which will prevent us from uncertainty. 1,117 more words