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Thinking about how, once you make a change it can become inconceivable that you could ever go back. My life is unrecognisable to when I started this blog and is can’t ever imagine reverting. 59 more words


‘“Judy Garland Deans,” I said’* – Contemplations on Judy’s Death

I will preface this post by issuing a warning. The following is about death and the description of death. It may contain triggers – suicide, grief are some. 1,259 more words

Corinna Tomrley

(D-6) #RACK

Kali ini aku mau cerita tentang a Random ACt of Kindness, yang aku sebut #RACK.

Jadi begini, aku punya satu ayat emas:

Janganlah kita jemu-jemu berbuat baik, karena apabila sudah datang waktunya, kita akan menuai, jika kita tidak menjadi lemah.

355 more words
Turtle Diaries

(D-7) My Most Precious Gift (with a song attached)

Aku sering berpikir, apa sih pemberian paling berharga yang bisa aku kasih untuk Tuhan?

Mau kasih tenaga, Tuhan ga butuh. Dia tinggal berfirman, dan semua bisa jadi. 432 more words

Turtle Diaries

Cry Baby

In the middle of sad

in the middle of Monday

I wonder if it’s sadness I feel

or is it frustration,

that I can’t have it my way… 56 more words

Poetry Of Sorts

Camping, and thoughts on cultural similarities

After feeling like an alien last week, I discovered one thing that Americans and Europeans have in common: when confronted with vegetarians, their reaction is OMG QUICK GET THEM HEALTHY THINGS. 825 more words


The Joy of Non-Participation

Songkran thumps on outside, but here I sit in a suspended bubble of calm. I could go out and join in, and it would probably be a lot of fun, but there’s a kind of guilty pleasure in staying in my peaceful little apartment, with nothing much to do. 1,359 more words