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Mad as Hell - at Alzheimer's

Tonight, I don’t feel like beating around the proverbial bush – let’s just get right to it.

I’m MAD. Pissed. Irate. Infuriated.

Angry as hell that I don’t have my mom. 306 more words


Life - (Feeling Philosophical)

Life is funny sometimes. There was a time when I never would have considered fatherhood for myself, given the poor example I had in my own biological father. 235 more words


Over Analysis At First Sight

This first sentence is camouflage. I didn’t want to start with the words “If you live in LA…” But now that I’m well into the third sentence I feel fine with it. 1,049 more words


TI: As Ready as I'm Going to Be

Trans Iowa starts in less than two days. I’m as ready as I’m going to be.

I’ve ridden the miles (though not enough), tweaked the bike (probably more than necessary), packed the clothes (enough for a 3 week trip), tested (and charged) the lights and devices, and stayed (reasonably) healthy and (somewhat) uninjured throughout the spring. 68 more words


arun's first visit!

so. first, there was a long time ago.

before ever meeting each other, arun inspired me to start krampuslauf philadelphia, and we have talked one another through each others third and fourth laufs to date. 293 more words

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Personal Jesus

I would have loved to post this closer to Easter Sunday, which was three or four days ago now depending how you count them, but better late than not at all. 942 more words


Death by devouring

During this Easter Season, when Christians ponder the death and resurrection of their Savior, it seems fitting to reflect on what one online commenter described as the “sport of cruelty” played by the many cowards who emerge from the Internet shadows with the goal of dismembering their unsuspecting sisters and brothers. 362 more words

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