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Sitting still as loyalty
In the palm of the afternoon
She remains unmoved
By the shaking of the cherry trees


Sticking the Landing

Reminds me of the last time I was hit by a car–about ten years ago. While riding at about 20mph on a separated cycle track, a car came tearing down a driveway from the left, blowing through the stop sign in order to hit traffic at speed on the road parallel to the track. 144 more words


“My mind,” he said, “rebels at stagnation. Give me problems, give me work, give me the most abstruse cryptogram or the most intricate analysis, and I am in my own proper atmosphere.

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Alzheimer's: In This Moment...

It’s been a long time since I’ve written a purely stream of consciousness post, but I’m in that kind of mood.

This week has been emotional, and I’m not sure why. 316 more words


He picked up the children’s history book and looked at the portrait of Big Brother which formed its frontispiece. The hypnotic eyes gazed into his own.

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Spiteful Thoughts

 “Oh, good grief, can you drive any slower? The left lane is for passing, you idiot. Get over!”

“Get off the phone while you’re driving, you moron. 1,069 more words

The problem with having a blog . . .

I never seem to write anything on this, my own page, because I spend so much time reading everyone else’s blog.  I also contribute to several blogs for work.   251 more words