Rumour: Super Smash Bros Full Character Roster Apparently Leaked

There are many official Super Smash Bros screenshots, as provided by the game’s director Masahiro Sakurai in his daily Miiverse posts, but there are also a few screens which have unofficially leaked. 137 more words


Rumour: 'Resident Evil: Revelations 2' Leaked

A few assets indicating that a sequel to Resident Evil: Revelations is in the works have apparently been leaked via Xbox.com.

Said resources include a supposed box-art for the upcoming sequel, in addition to a presumed screenshot from the game. 146 more words


Resident Evil Revelations 2 Box Art Found On Xbox.com


We heard rumours a few months back that Resident Evil: Revelations 2 is in development when a Russian site began listing the title for a number of platforms. 125 more words

Wii U

Amazon Germany Has Listed A Rayman Compilation For Nintendo 3DS

Although Rayman Origins wasn’t entirely well received on the Nintendo 3DS, it seems as though Ubisoft might be bringing more Rayman titles to the handheld. Amazon Germany have recently listed a Rayman Compilation for the Nintendo 3DS. 34 more words


Rumor: Remastered Nintendo Game Releasing In 2015

The same Twitter user who predicted Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, as well as Devil’s Third, recently tweeted that someone let him in on a crazy secret.

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In the event of a lower order danger, one finds it easy to shut off an hide under their beds, waiting for the next natural disaster to walk by and say “hey, move out” to the old one. 208 more words


Hyrule Warriors eShop Page Apparently Says New Content Is Planned To Be Distrubuted

Rumor: “Additional characters, weapons and scenario are planned to be distributed!” says eShop page of HW. http://t.co/HUvokQfIIW
Captain Joe (@MrCoffeeCake) August 14, 2014

The Japanese eShop listing for the recently released…

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