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Saved by the belle hehehehe best scene in episode 12.

Call It What It Is

He has more nicknames than a kid named after his father and four uncles.

He doesn’t care what you call him.

He would prefer a cute nickname so he can come back soon. 88 more words

Review: Rumplestiltskin at Liverpool's Unity Theatre

AN ARTISTIC pantomime? It must be The Unity Theatre on Hope Place!

Young new actors, student designers, a lean budget and not a fairy in sight, yet Rumplestiltskin was none the worse and indeed, all the better for it! 279 more words


Hubert Duprats fairy-tale-esque Caddisfly Larvae

The aquatic Caddisfly larvae collect twigs, rocks and sediment which they bind together with salivated silk to build themselves pupa-like cocoons. Duprat placed the insects in aquariums filled with flecks of gold, rubies and precious stones to build their homes with producing an accumulation of miniature gold sculptures. 175 more words


Chains Shall He Break, For The Slave Is Our Brother ― Oh Holy Night

Goodday Dearies!
(Yes, I stole that from OUAT’s Rumplestiltskin).
So, we finally have our first “real” snow today! When I say real I mean snow that lasts longer than the time it takes for it to land on the ground ;) And this got me, and my friends, in a… 95 more words


Rumbelle and Captain Swan

                     On Once Upon A Time my favorite couple is Belle and Rumplestiltskin

I was Rumbelle all the way except lately I been shipping Belle and Rumple less, Which makes me feel guilty for some reason lol I mean I liked those two ever since the 1st Season! 273 more words

Beauty And The Beast