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Once Upon a Time - Quiet Minds

Ok, I’m a little late on this, but

Neal is DEAD!

WTF?! I am not buying a Hook-Emma romance, just forget it. The writers better figure out how to pull another Lazarus with this one.


Poor Belle

I was watching the episode before the hiatus of Once Upon a Time again and I noticed something quite odd. When Rumplestiltskin sacrifices himself to kill Pan, Belle is literally bawling like a five year old and no one cares. 176 more words


Grumplestiltskin – Can you guess my rage?

Grumplestiltskin – Can you guess my rage?

I am neither spinning gold, nor am I promising my first born to a little impish man.

Bu I am spinning something (my head) because my first born has become something like a little impish man. 229 more words

General Interest

Quiet Minds

I think there’s only one word that accurately describes last night’s episode:


ALL THE WRETCHED FEELS!!! How do I put my heart back together?? Pretty much every single one of my favorite things in the show was swept up in the twister of  1,008 more words

Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time- "Quiet Minds"

After much speculation about who will die, we finally have our answer. Not many will be happy of what that answer is. Believe that everything happens for a reason and that this person’s death will push the characters to do things that maybe they would not have done before and make choices that that would not have made. 1,663 more words

Making Magic

Can you spin straw into gold?

What? You say that’s ridiculous, it only happens in fairy tales? And with the help of creepy little elves? 409 more words

Celebrating Hands At Home

Once Upon A Time

So I think I’ve find my new favorite show: Once Upon A Time. I only just recently started watching, and im only on episode 3, season 1 but I’m already in love. 41 more words