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Cole Hamels Tosses Old Shoes Due to Lack of Run Support

Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels tossed out his old pair of shoes yesterday due to the lack of run support they were giving him.

“The arches were old and the soul was worn-down,” said Hamels. 120 more words


Mets Run Support by Starting Pitcher

Yesterday’s post discussed distributional wins and losses based on the Mets’ inconsistent bunching of runs together. Since the boys didn’t play last night, I had a pretty stable dataset to work with, and the opportunity to crunch some numbers to see if the hypothesis that we’re working with is true. 389 more words


Following Tony Gwynn's Death, Cole Hamels Begins Using Chewing Tobacco to End the Misery

Baseball lost one of its best recently under unfortunate circumstances. Tony Gwynn’s death could have easily been prevented if he avoided chewing tobacco and went with safer choices like Big League Chew or behaving like a dick. 138 more words