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It’s been a while since I posted anything.  Life has been busy!

After my 16 mile training run a few weeks ago, which went way better than I thought it would, I started to get a really bad pain in my metatarsal on my right foot.   477 more words


Glass Slipper Challenge Training - 10 weeks to go

So this week was my first week with a back to back training run.  It was just a 1 mile on Friday and it was supposed to be 7 on Saturday… but I was signed up for a 5k so I only did 3.1!   333 more words


Race Report: CIM

Here is my take on the race. Thanks for following along. Not sure I’ll continue doing this for other races though.

Run Training

Glass Slipper Challenge Training - 11 weeks to go

This week happened to be a pretty good week for running!  I managed to do all of my runs outside, and they all actually felt pretty good, despite the temperature being at about 40 degrees most of the week.  287 more words


The mona fartlek #2

I gave myself a week off speed last week and just slipped and slid around in the mud instead, so this week the MonaFartlek was back on the menu. 372 more words


Run Training: Conditioning to prevent injuries

I recently read an article from the American College of Sports Medicine that briefly discusses the common injuries to novice runners. It also points out the various risk factors and preventative measures. 981 more words


Post Run Calorie Consumption

I wrote a post about caloric debt and it’s effect on better racing times (Caloric Debt, 2011). I should have followed that post with my thoughts about caloric consumption during training since it relates to weight, efficiency, and performance. 250 more words