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#janathon 2015 day 29: next steps

OK. I’ve been deliberately avoiding mentioning my hip recently. It’s still uncomfortable, but not painful, towards the end of a run. I can generally release the discomfort straight away by stretching. 177 more words


#janathon 2015 day 28: proper recovery

After yesterday’s run at a rubbish, in-between sort of pace, I resolved to take it easy today. I felt confident enough to wear my VFFs for the first time in a while and did a short loop of the lakes at a sensible pace. 39 more words


Secrets to Success, Part 8

A few years back, I’d spend 4-5 days annually in Key West, Florida. Even though I was there for work, my favorite part of each day was going for a run with my friend Doug. 584 more words



Maybe it’s not always pretty. Or comfortable.

Because on the days it’s not pretty or comfortable, it’s pretty damn awesome. That day was today. I started Week 15 out with a bang, so I hope to keep it going. 546 more words

Ironman Training

#janathon 2015 day 27: more of the same

I nearly didn’t get out at lunchtime, but fortunately my 2pm meeting was cancelled so I managed to go.

I followed a similar route to most of my lunchtime runs over the last few weeks. 65 more words


#janathon 2015 day 26: half a job

The blogging half of the Janathon contract has been harder than ever to fulfil this year. They’re getting progressively shorter and less interesting.
At least I met the exercise half of the bargain today with a 5.5M muddy run along the river.


Glass Slipper Challenge Training - 4 weeks to go!

We are only one month away from the Glass Slipper Challenge!  I’m excited and pumped, though my (failed) run Friday didn’t exactly get me motivated.  What does have my motivated is my new FitBit Surge – if you didn’t see… 341 more words