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Depression + Sun Burns

Depression is a silly thing. I mean, it’s not funny like ha ha, but it really doesn’t make any sense.

I was diagnosed with chronic depression in August of 2013… 926 more words

Workout Schedule: Week 1

Unfortunately, after a year of binge eating, my fitness and health have declined and my weight has gone up. I am having a terribly difficult time running even the shortest distances. 79 more words


Run Windows-based Programs on a Mac

Once I started using Mac I never actually had any issues finding and adapting to new applications.  I turned my back to windows and never retreat it.   27 more words


Stretch before, after, or not at all!

So the question I have for all the runners out there is this: Do you typically warm up before a run, stretch before running, hit the pavement and then stretch, or just skip it all together? 193 more words


Evening run and Bike Clinic

Tonight we started at Kens Bike shop and went for a run on the streets surrounding our old neighborhood.  We went out and back for a 20 min run. 513 more words


Day 4! 20 minutes of Cardio and I'm Feeling GREAT!

Today’s subject is in no way sarcastic.  I am feeling GREAT!  I don’t know what it is that is so different this time, but even after staying up all night last night (literally, no sleep at all) and finishing 2 classes, I still did my 20 minutes of cardio today.  79 more words

Health And Fitness


So the blogosphere has totally put my real-life friends to shame. 

As you know, I’m fundracing for Back on My Feet. My first ( 54 more words