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I just want to scream and lose control and throw my hands up and let it go, forget about everything and runaway.

I just want to fall and lose myself, I’m laughing so had it hurts like hell, forget about everything and runaway. 1,416 more words

Avalon Avery

Newbe ☽

She stopped caring. She was weak less so powerful. And I never though about power before I met this one girl. I was all weak my whole life.

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Allegheny County police say missing girl Pricilla Papaleo may be with wanted dad | Local News - WTAE Home

PITTSBURGH —Allegheny County police are asking for help to find a 15-year-old girl who they classified in an email Monday as a “missing/runaway juvenile.”

Police said Pricilla Papaleo left the Sleepy Hollow Academy detention facility on Sunday and is believed to be with her father, 42-year-old Edgar H. 7 more words


The Recluse, the Rott, and the Runaway - Part Four

So now we’re up to Part Four of my serial novella, and I’m happy to announce that the story is finished at this point. I’m considering when best to release the remaining two parts, but probably by the end of this week is how it’ll shuffle out. 4,333 more words


Paul Stanley To Rock Hall Of Fame: “We Can’t Believe One Stupid Gimmick Got Us This Far”

Friday night’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony certainly did not go as planned. The all-star gala turned into a near riot when Kiss guitarist Paul Stanley announced to the capacity crowd that he wanted to thank “all the morons who shelled out millions of dollars on our worthless toys and mindlessly dull records.” He continued, “if it weren’t for you people being dumb as a pail of hammers, I’d have never been able to afford all of the cars, drugs and mansions I’ve bought over the years with money that could have been used on things that actually might have bettered your lives.” 545 more words

Excessive Cruelty Towards Strangers

Separated? Never!

I recently betrayed the confidence of a friend. I may be doing it again by posting this. My friend told me something… and then I repeated it. 703 more words