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Your Rune For Tuesday, June 22 is Dagaz

Your Rune For Today

Dagaz represents the fresh light of a new day. You are close to making a breakthrough. You have the will to change whatever you deem necessary. 11 more words

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Slower than molasses in January

Yep, my project progress has been slower than molasses in January. Or should I say slower than knitting projects in July?

The Ipanema Hat pattern… 124 more words



Having taken a tarot reading course this weekend I feel a sense of achievement. During the course I found myself abandoning the rigid structures of so many books and simply reading with my intuition. 65 more words


Your Rune For July 19 is Gebo

Your Rune For Today

Gebo represents the coming of gifts and favors. While each are usually positive events, they often carry obligations with them. Gebo often represents strong bonds such as deep friendships and marriage.

Daily Posts

Reading The Runes: The Five Directions Method

The Five Directions Method

This simple runic arrangment utilises five randomly chosen runes. This is another pattern that is laid out in a cross-like formation. Start at the bottom of the cross shape. 112 more words


Review of Seeress by Ednah Walters

* I’m announcing some spoilers in the following review, so if you haven’t read it and would like to get a feel for it on your own, avert your eyes from this post =P * 300 more words

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