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Runescape: Daily Challenge (July 28, 2014)

I counted the times it took me to make 274 more nature runes, travelling from Lumbridge to the nature altar in Karamja. My daily challenge required I make 800 of them, and I started yesterday. 596 more words

The Feedback Bullets For Araxxor In Runescape

Today we see the release of Araxxor, an overpowered Arachnid which, quite frankly, no male is going to be able to kill because Phase #4 requires too much multi-tasking. 563 more words


Runescape: Daily Challenge (July 27, 2014)

I don’t know what’s been going on but the daily challenges given to me lately have been very strenuous, whether due to the difficulty or the length of time required to complete each challenge. 1,099 more words

Runescape boss slayer update

To everyone complaining about the upcoming boss slayer update, which contains a Completionist Cape requirement to kill all current bosses – including the team bosses, I have a few points to show you. 316 more words


Runescape Araxxor

If Seismics crash, no one will bother spending 20 minutes to kill vorago for terrible profit/hr. Even as is with current prices, Rago only tops out at around 4-5m/hr average when you finally get a wand drop. 209 more words


Runescape Ironman Mode

I would very much like to see this game variant implemented in game. The challenge it creates is very appealing, however, I feel that there should be a co-op version. 501 more words


Runescape Ironman Mode

I don’t think there need to be a ironman mode.

1. There are alot different types of ironman with alot different rules. You make those rules to enjoy the games at his best. 290 more words

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