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'WildStar' Part Two - The Saviour of In-Game Housing

Part One of WildStar can be foundĀ here.

House customisation has always been one factor of a game which I immensely enjoy. Whether it be designing and building a house on Sims or propping up with properties around Skyrim, it is something which you can control how you desire. 757 more words


Legacy Mode and other cool stuff!

Jagex, following their “Power to the Players” idea, has just released a new Legacy Mode which can be used in Runescape 3 (EOC). This Legacy mode allows players to once again feel the charm of old school Runescape, while still playing on the current, EOC servers. 201 more words


Shields In Runescape For Pvm Are Relatively Obsolete

Many of us Shield-users appreciate that Shields in RuneScape for PvM are relatively obsolete, and Dual-wielding is the way to go for the most part. Not only this, but most Defensive abilities do not even take into account the Tier of your Shield, which effectively means that you don’t even need a high level Shield to do high level Shield-roles at bosses. 292 more words

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Change To EOC And Pking In Runescape

I agree that there’s many changes which have massively impacted eoc pking despite Jagex promising us no changes would be made.

Firstly, the lack of adrenaline lowering when eating, why change this? 334 more words

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Legacy Is Balanced Around In Runescape

Now this guy knows nothing about revolution and how it is used. Fyi, vast majority of revolution users use it to build up adrenalin for thresholds and ultimates. 458 more words

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EOC is not about DPS In Runescape

They ARE the least relevant people to discuss EoC with as they don’t use that system often. The middle ground is NOT removing Revolution. Revolution is an accepted and integral part of EoC, you’re a complete moron if you think removing the arguably most popular EoC combat method is “middle ground” on the basis of your feels. 421 more words

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Runescape Legacy User

People like me who have done the mathematical calculations and people who have done proper testing like Iron Vampire and Signature all concluded that EoC was much superior. 515 more words