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The Story Of Blacklake


In the destroyed coastal town
A place where some had stayed
Rests my bones and markers untouched to Blackbeard’s grave
And the rats swam like squirrel menRaising arms we’d gather them… 118 more words


100m thieving

Already worked my way to 100m thieving exp after just 9 days or so of nolifing which is decent. 70m exp in a week and a half-ish. 344 more words


My Runescape adventures - Week 9

This week has been very good in terms of progress, not only did i get 99 fishing but i also got 99 agility today! much pride. 143 more words


Time to make a cut.

I’m pretty excited and happy to say that today I was able to cut ALL of my nails back, normally I have to leave one or two because of biting them back so far they can’t be cut back. 201 more words


Let the thievery begin

Well the last 10 days or so me and Qaz spent way too much time doing heist to get the rest of my bonus exp for thieving and to get him rank 1 in heist loot seasonal highscores for the crown. 812 more words


My Runescape adventures - Week 8

So i got my thieving cape now, only 3 more to go! i made around 7.4m from scpetres and turning in jeweled gold pieces. As i mentioned on a earlier post i joined thieving skilling competition i came first with 4.8mil experience in a week. 99 more words



Over the weekend Mod MMG released a post on the RuneScape homepage discussing all the misconceptions surrounding bots, gold farmers, player demographics, as well as a few other things. 898 more words