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Too Late for Torchlight II?

Back to the wars of 2012, when Diablo III, Torchlight II, and Path of Exile were vying for the mantle of heir to the mighty… 979 more words


Getting Closer to "Torchlight's" Finale!

We are certainly closing in on the last portion of Torchlight, but there is still a lot to enjoy ahead!

In Chapter IX of my journey, we return to the main quest and work our way through the Lost Fortress area, fighting our way through hordes of enemies and finding some neat items along the way. 182 more words


Allahweh Tackles More of "Torchlight" (PC)!

As I mentioned before, I’m on a mission to get through Torchlight so that I can focus on other projects that I have in mind. But, this doesn’t mean I want to rush it or treat it half-assedly, but rather, that I just want to get through it, have fun while doing so, and move on to different endeavors! 183 more words


Allahweh Drops the Ember Colossus in Torchlight =)

I have a lot of good plans for 2015 in terms of media and content to produce, so in order to help get to that point, I wanted to knock out hang-over projects from 2014. 149 more words


Side-Questing in "Torchlight" w/ Allahweh!

For this segment of Torchlight, I take a break from our quest deeper within the mountains to take on some side-quests from the town. We were a bit far behind on the ones that send you into a portal looking for treasure, so I take the time to catch those up and then use one of my maps to access a bonus dungeon. 58 more words