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You Never Know

Okay, so the story of Forrest Gump isn’t a completely realistic one. But it is based in truth. There was a soldier, Sammy L. Davis… 119 more words

Why Run?

So far in my life I have run 2 half marathons and seriously injured myself while training for both. LOL. Which begs the question, why run? 241 more words


Clean Eating: So I eat what?

So the term “clean eating” has been tossed around a lot, but what does it mean and how do you get started. Actually, clean eating doesn’t need to be difficult. 514 more words


100 Mile Challenge - Day Twenty-One

Well I had a bad case of the lazies today.  I stayed on the couch pretty much all day.  I went for a walk later this evening and it was a hot.  44 more words

Movin' At My Own Pace

5 Reasons Why I'm Marathon-Training with a Run Club

I’ve always completed my race training by myself or with my (wonderful) running partner, Dave… using an Excel sheet I created after researching various pre-made training schedules. 368 more words

Carrera "Matamoros Vive" 7ma Edición (10K)

Este fin de semana estuve de vacaciones en Matamoros, Tam. de donde soy originario. Siendo una ciudad pequeña, usualmente no hay mucha actividad, aparte de visitar a la familia y amigos. 979 more words


Marathon Training Ain't for the Faint of Heart

Ever since I lived in Boston about 8 years ago and witnessed the glory that is the historic Boston Marathon firsthand, I knew that one day I wanted to run a marathon myself. 334 more words

Marathon Training