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Being Healthy Means Getting Sick

I found this on Pinterest just after I signed up for the Buffalo Half Marathon. I was so excited and motivated, ready for the challenge ahead of me. 573 more words


Day one training 3.5 miles in appx 50 mins

I had a very good day one training. Based on a suggestion from a good friend who runs multiple marathons I am using the Hal Higdon 10k Novice… 158 more words


Foot prints to the trails

Foot prints from many before me lead the trail along the way,
Like an art gallery for all to see and learn.
That heavy feeling hanging on the trees of missing emotions. 139 more words

Learning About Me

Lead Legs

Yesterday I did ten miles. My legs felt like lead the whole time. I don’t really know what’s going on. My legs have felt heavy ever since my last half marathon. 294 more words


Run in the Rain, or don't, it's only the Awesomest Thing Ever

Runners are strange birds.  Not only do we enjoy an activity which most people in the world really, really hate and, in fact, avoid at every opportunity, but we find some of the most painful and most bizarre aspects of the activity to latch onto. 836 more words


Week 3

This week was also very busy with lots of real world activities which interfered with my Walter Mitty like running life. Coach Stan was not pleased that I almost injured myself by disobeying his strict instructions on my last long run and read me the riot act in his own Canadian way – by not prescribing any key workouts until he was sure I was recovered. 716 more words



Yesterday despite in-laws visiting we managed to make it to parkrun,  especially pleased to make it this week, as was joined by Giselle (runorgocrazy) and her family. 301 more words