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Groovy Girls Go...........Falling Down

I heard nothing as I dropped from the sky at a speed I’ll never know, and frankly, never care to know. It was a moment of complete silence, when all I heard….all I felt…..was my heart beating, no make that pounding. 438 more words

4 Running Pet Peeves

I love running with other people. There’s something really nice about being able to chat, laugh, and share the pain with friends. Runs go by quicker and are much more entertaining when there’s someone to share them with. 628 more words

Groovy Girls Go.........Cooking Up Something Good

Groovy Girls Go…….To Cook Up the Perfect Recipe

What would be a perfect holiday cocktail for a runner?

In an enormous state (also known as Montana) add one beautiful running course along the Clark Fork River. 372 more words

The 2015 Race Calendar that Shouldn't Be

In 2013 I promised MB that after I finished my 30 races I would take a break.  Then of course I registered for Big Sur… 687 more words


Groovy Girls Go.......On A Dime

Groovy Girls Go…….On A Dime

I could have never guessed that at 6am when I reached down on my run to pick up a dime, that at 6pm my day would turn on a dime. 759 more words

Here's to us

We’ve only run one race together, the three of us–and even then, we weren’t really together–but the 2013 Cleveland Half Marathon weekend was so much fun, J, K, and I have been plotting to meet up for another race ever since. 338 more words


Awesome race photos, an awesome new blog to follow, and an awesome award from a couple of awesome bloggers.

Things might not be going exactly as I planned right now what with the whole not being able to run thing, but today is a great day because…THREE DAY WEEKEND! 1,274 more words