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Why this running family is slowing down (and why you should, too!)

We are a family of six runners. All different speeds and sizes, but we are all runners at heart. As is often the problem with people addicted to movement, we are always pushing to go faster, harder, longer…MORE. 603 more words

Running Home

Running teaches Math

Have you ever been frustrated over a math problem? Or tried to help your frustrated child with a math problem? We sure have our share of math struggles, but let me introduce you to our miraculous solution we found the other day. 284 more words

Running Home

The Undead Duo Do Smart Things Sometimes

TODAY’S BREW: Tim got this Godiva pumpkin coffee and it’s almost gone and I might eat the bag.

By Julie

Holy hell, it’s Monday. Hey you guys know what’s available now? 596 more words


RUNNING AWAY -- A new release by Julie Hutchings

Today is a special day, because it’s the release date of Running Away, the newest book by Julie Hutchings. The novel is the sequel to her highly successful debut novel, Running Home, and I have no doubt this book will be just as well received as her first. 479 more words

Run away!

Wait!  No, please don’t run away!  That was supposed to be funny…You know, and make you think of this…

Or even this:

Or, better yet, this: 575 more words



Or something.


So I have good news and bad news.

The bad news is Julie and I are not actually running away together, so you can quit wondering how many different types of Spam our wedding cake will be made out of. 925 more words


Running Away

It’s my great honor to present to you the latest release by a good friend of mine and an author I seriously look up to, Julie Hutchings. 516 more words